“Creating something so close to your heart is definitely a source of joy”, says Urvashi Tandon in an exclusive interview

About The Author : I am Dr Urvashi Tandon. I am a Professor of Anaesthesiology who is trained in Paediatric Anaesthesia. I have served in the Indian Navy as a Medical Officer for 29 years and have a teaching experience of 20 years which includes a stint at SGT Medical College Gurgaon.

I did my graduation (MBBS) from BS Medical College Bankura (Calcutta University) in 1988 and my postgraduation (MD Anaesthesia) from the Armed Forces Medical College (Pune University) in 1998.

I have also done my Sangeet Visharad (Part 1/ Pratham) from Gandharv Mahavidyalay Pune.

I have published several research papers related to Anaesthesia in both national and international journals, written articles for a defence magazine called Quarterdeck and a women’s magazine called eShe. A couple of my travelogues were featured on CNBC TV18 as well.

I have also been a University examiner and Paper Setter for Maharashtra University of Health Sciences as well as the National Board of Examinations.

I firmly believe that we are aware as a society but live a life of convenience. A little effort on our part can help improve our environment and society. Since life itself is fairly fast paced with little time to spare, I thought it prudent to target younger members of our society who are more open and impressionable. If we can instil values in children, we can certainly look forward to a more conscious society in future. It was with this belief that I authored a book for children called “Potpourri stories for children”.

I am currently leading a retired life, pursuing my hobbies of reading, writing and travelling when I can.

Chit Chat Session

Congratulations for your book “Potpourri” and for all the lovely reviews! How are you feeling?
Creating something so close to your heart is definitely a source of joy.

Kindly acquaint our readers with your latest book.
Potpourri stories for children, is a collection of 10 short stories, each with a message aimed at raising awareness in children towards the environment, health and society. The stories are a mix of fantasy and reality. If we can raise more conscious individuals, we can hope for a better society and a better life. Children are the future of any society.

What made you name the book “Potpourri”
Potpourri is a fragrant mixture of various things. As I mentioned, some of my stories are realistic and some deal with fantasy. Most are aimed at environmental awareness but there are others which deal with various aspects of society and even health. That’s how I chose the name Potpourri.

Which writers inspire you most and which is your favorite book so far?
My all time favorite author for fiction is Louisa M Alcot. I simply love her style of writing and her attention to detail. Favorite book is a tough one because there are so many. I guess it would be appropriate to say “Little Women” since I named the author.

How are you utilizing your time during the lockdown period?
I am catching up on my reading. I am currently reading Auroville A Dream Hijacked by Dr Nirmalya Mukherjee.

Being a doctor and a responsible citizen of the country, what advise would you like to give our readers against the deadly corona virus?
It is a deadly unseen enemy. People are still trying to ascertain what would work against it. The most sensible thing to do is to follow the government’s instructions and isolate yourselves as it is known to be virulent and we do not have the resources or means to deal with a catastrophe if it should happen. Prevention is the best way out. Keep yourselves safe in order to save others around you.