All you need is just a Second by Divya Vallabhaneni

We experience many emotions in our daily life. Some of these emotions turn as best experiences and few as bitter messages.  But have you ever realized, that we just need a single second to react to any emotion we experience?

Examining the importance of that one second, I came up with ‘All you need is just a second’, a combination of 17 different emotions, from different situations and analyzing how a single second can play a vital role in deciding the type of reaction to any emotion, in a situation. 

Precisely, all I wanted to say is, we have two choices in any situation, ‘how and how not to react’. But to decide which one to opt, you just need a single second. And that second determines your next situation. We clearly cherish the happiest moments. How we react in such situations has nothing to do with every time. But what about situations you are annoyed with? Situations you are playing the role of a victim? Here, your emotions are determined by a single second and know how this single second influences our reactions in ‘All you need is just a second’.

About The Author
I always wanted to be the voice for those in need. That’s the main reason I did my masters in journalism. But my professional career was of no help to my personal desires. That doesn’t mean I wanted my job to be of some help personally. I just wanted to use my job to be of some help for the society.

I always wanted to be that person whose work can impact people’s lives. Though holding a very powerful role in a media channel, I could do nothing to those who most wanted some change. I tried ways to showcase incidents that were useful but failed each time. So I have decided to resign to a post that could never let me do something useful. I felt as an individual I could do more productive work than working as an employee under someone.

That’s when I decided to own a medium that will help me reach out many issues that needed immediate attention. That’s when was born. I began writing blogs, posting videos that were meant to inculcate the idea of ‘Thinking’. While working on the same, one day I decided to take this ‘thought’ to another level and that’s how I began writing the book.  I felt writing was my medium to communicate for a cause and the journey continued.

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