Buddha On Wall-Street : Knowledge, Wisdom, Financial Moksha and Bliss

A. Venkatasubramanian, author of ‘BUDDHA on WALL-STREET’, ‘NUGGETS of WISDOM’ and ‘THE REAL DEAL’ gives us advice about investing. His latest work Buddha on Wall Street speaks lengths and volumes in the title.

The Buddha taught us how to find happiness within ourselves and make it as big as the universe outside. He taught us contentment and how to reach that state by altering what is within. A. Venkatasubramanian has taken the philosophy of the Buddha and has applied it to our daily life. When Buddha came up with his philosophy, the world was a different place and today with the advent advanced technology and gross domestic product one needs to find contentment in the world.

The author in the book primarily talks about how one can allocate their sources in the best ways to get best returns. This maximizes your potential and increases the happiness quotient of one’s life. It is a rather genius way to live life because gone are the days where Moksha could be attained on the Himalayas. Even mountains have connectivity now and most of the time you would just be answering work calls. Hence one needs to find a balance in this world and enhance their happiness quotient. The book teaches one that materialism is not bad and need not have a negative spin. The author presses on the fact that Buddha on Wall-Street teaches one how to find contentment with materialism.

Most of us till today complain about the materiality of this world because we exhaust our sources very fast and usually invest mindlessly where return is minimal. The author, an investment guru teaches us how to become better at investing and keep a happy attitude.

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Mr. A. Venkatasubramanian has done his B.E. from INDIA and M.S. in Engineering and M.B.A in General Management and Finance from the States. He has also completed CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst, USA) until Level – II. He serves as the Vice President of a premier and fast growing Real Estate Company in India and has been part of a premier Mortgage Financial Institution in the USA. His qualifications precede him and make him an investment guru indeed. Most books teach one to invest but don’t focus on long-term happiness. Mr. A. Venkatasubramanian is truly the Buddha of our times who teaches us how to balance.