But I Want To Write By Priyanka Sawhney

Isn’t it true that to get somewhere right one must take a wrong turn? All of us have at some point of time felt the dissatisfaction that arises from work that doesn’t call to us. Meera Suri, 22 finds it easier to live an alternate life in her head. She has at many instances felt that there are things and times that allow her to only find solace in her mind.

Having dodged years of turbulent relationships and an ignorant home, she believes that the solution to all her glitches is an unconditional relationship that exuberates with beauty. This is her journey where she seeks joy and acceptance without any bounds. This is a story of a young girl on a mission to find her purpose and recreate her life of turmoil into a life of glee.

Priyanka Sawhney, 23 is the author of the book. Meera, the protagonist of the book and Priyanka share their life takeaways. Priyanka all her life felt a void of stable and harmonious relationships and may have channeled all her pent up emotions into this beautiful novel. Meera is the mirror to Priyanka and this is the reason why her book, though fiction, can be related to at another level. Priyanka has been an all rounder since over a decade. At age 23 she has successfully written a novel, has a full-time corporate career and has done a lot of volunteering work. She wants to write on disabilities and mental health and feels very strongly about healthy relationships. At such a young age, Priyanka has managed to master the art of soul searching.