Fraction Of My Heart – A Heart Wrenching Novel By Arijit Neogi

‘Fraction of my heart’ is a heart-wrenching novel that pens the tale of Arijit. The journey starts with a group of five college friends that once shared an invincible bond. The group consisted of Pari, Neha, Rahul, Akash and Arijit himself.

Like every group this group too had a parallel story of itself that included Pari and Arijit. Arijit was head over heels for her but never confessed it to her. However, she as a young woman loses her mother and as per her mother’s last wish, gets married to someone else. This leaves Arijit shattered and the only way to cope with it he becomes a cynic and detached from people.

Many years after he meets Pari once again and his feelings come rushing back. He starts to feel happy and loved till Pari passes away, leaving her newborn daughter with him.

This is a tale that explains love from another angle. It incorporates the gloom and yet explains what love is. It is unconventional and touches the reader’s heart as one sees how Arijit raises Pari’s daughter as his own and uncovers a true meaning of love that he had never felt before.

Arijit Neogi is the writer. He has been raised in Bhubaneswar, Odissa but currently lives in Hyderabad where he works at Capgemini India Pvt Ltd. He is hardworking and has the writing worm in him. The tale that he writes is way beyond his years and reflects his maturity and wisdom.

You can buy the book from amazon for just Rs.399