Interview With Deepa Iyyer, Author Of ‘I want To Run Away’

About The Author
Deepa Iyyer is a housewife and this is her first shot at writing. She is happy to have discovered the story telling side in her and hopes to write few more. Reading was a hobby inculcated by her mother though she regrets not continuing it after her school days. Influenced by movies she has tried infusing that in her first novel. She loves Indian food, especially the tangy ones even in international cuisines. Her other interest is music and anything related to art which is beautiful to look at. An introvert by nature sometimes she does love to be around people and observe them.

Chit Chat Session

Tell us a little about yourself and your background
I am a forty one year old home maker. Major part of my life has been in Chennai, so it is a city close to my heart. I worked with one or two companies in bits and pieces before and after marriage. Wrong choice in academics, wrong choices in career was a wakeup call to things I can’t do and a reminder to the fact that I should always do something I like if I have the choice. Anything creative always appealed to me from my childhood.

The title of your book “I Want to Run Away” is really intriguing. What is your view on the same and what is it all about?
One of the good childhood memories I have is visiting my grandparents home located in a town in the interiors of Tamil Nadu. My grandfather was an agriculturist so my uncle and grandfather use to take me to the fields in a cycle. I retain fresh memory of the lovely landscapes that I have visited during my childhood. Also I got a glimpse of the life that exists there. That forms the backdrop of the story. It is about a girl who wants an identity of her own. Looking at the high raised buildings in the city it becomes her ambition to have a job, make it big which was also what I aspired for during my younger days, which most of the girls today will be able to identify with.

So the story is about Aashika, a young bright girl, brought up in a very small place who wants to have freedom by breaking free from the male dominance and age old custom of confining the woman to the kitchen by clipping her wings. She chalks out a plan. What is her journey in that process? It is a light read with a tadka of romance which you can read over a weekend or at the airports, railway stations where you might have time to kill.

What made you to turn a writer?
I love the movies and writing a script for a movie has remained a desire for a very long time. As I age I have realized we need a lot of stress busters especially in a country like ours. I have always been a fan of light and entertaining stuff. With the advent of commercial fiction in the books market I decided to channelize my desire into a book.

How much research and efforts were required on your part to complete the book?
The story is a rip off from my childhood days with lot of fiction added to it. Research for this story was not required.

Which writers inspire you most?
While growing up it was Jeffery Archer, Sidney Sheldon and R.K.Narayan. In between I lost track. I regret not continuing with that hobby. I have started to read but it is yet to pick up in a more vigorous way. It is definitely not the way I want my hobby to be.

What according to you is unique about your book?
It is a light read with a tadka of romance. The book has a movie effect to it which I feel is unique about the book.

How do you view the future of young authors in India?
Writing is a profession that one can pursue till the fag end of one’s life if there is passion for it. Anybody who is writing is a young author no matter what the person’s age is. As for the future of young authors and writing, it is only going to get better and better because India is a country with sdeep rooted customs underneath but has always been open to new things at the surface level just like a plant, which makes it a very vibrant country for anything new and creative. However we(I am obviously a part of this ‘we’) definitely have to improve upon our writing skills and our creativity. In future I definitely see a fad coming up where people would save their money to attend short workshops in the west.

Would you like to share some writing tips with our audience?
No tips for the audience since I am an infant in the world of writing. People can gift this infant something by buying my book. Cheers!

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