Interview With Namrata Gupta, author of The Full Circle

Namrata Gupta, a young author holds a degree in English Literature. Her debut novel was ‘A Silent Promise’ released in 2015 and has since won many hearts. She is an avid reader and blogger who regularly writes blogs and for websites. A young influencer, she also shares the wanderlust with her character Aditya. Flipkart


Chit Chat Session

Briefly describe your journey until now. Have you accomplished what you wanted or still have a mile to go?
I wrote my first book, A Silent Promise (2015), while I was pursuing my graduation from Hans Raj College, Delhi University. The book required me to reach to my innermost and dormant emotions and feel intensely. Being new to the field, finding an appropriate publishing house for my first book became a task. But once I did my homework for the first book, doing the same things for my second book seemed relatively easier. My second book, The Full Circle.. Stumbling Upon A Sinful Mystery got released this year itself.

It has been going great since the release of my first book. I was invited as a speaker to Literature Festivals, college events and book reading sessions. People around me acknowledge my efforts and are impressed by how far I have come till now. I get a lot of appreciation amongst different circles. Readers reach out to me regarding my books and I get overwhelmed by reading their responses to my stories. It is amazing how a work of fiction can move people so much.

I believe that I still have a mile to go. I have to write a lot of books. I am motivated to do that every time I receive a mail regarding my work. I have to reach out to more people, influence more lives and inspire more people to create a better world for themselves. There are still a lot of stories waiting to be told. I like to experiment with different ideas so I would try that repetition of story lines never becomes a part of my books.

You have rich experience in writing. Give us some tips on the “art of writing in English”.
Firstly, one shouldn’t hurry himself into writing. I, personally, do not keep any deadlines in mind while writing something. I feel that it takes the essence out of writing. Because writing is something which can be done when your mind is at peace and you are able to think clearly.

Once you have the bigger picture clear in your head, you need to figure out the small events that would lead to that bigger picture. Afterwards, you just need to tie up the small significant events together to form the bigger picture. That being done, you have done the majority of the work.

Without getting disheartened or pressurized, keep editing your draft until it resembles the one you wanted it to read like.

Any particular writer whom you admire the most?
I am a big fan of the Bronte Sisters and Murakami. I also admire Amitav Ghosh’s work.

What is your new book The full circle” all about?
‘The Full Circle.. Stumbling Upon A Sinful Mystery’ is a Romantic Thriller. The book captures the story of a traveler, Aditya, who on his journey to finding a ‘home’, ‘home’ in the spiritual sense of the word, becomes a part of various stories and helps people in his own way.  He helps strengthen people, makes them realize their own worth and changes them for the better before leaving for some other place. He gets very popular at the places he visits because of this quality. Aditya always takes something from the places he visits and this somehow helps him give something to his next destination, which is now Darjeeling. Aditya meets his contrast in Zinnia, who prefers stability in life, while staying as a tenant in her mother’s house. His adventurous way of living life is challenged when he develops strong feelings for Zinnia, who considers his way of life as a prolonged hobby. While helping Jacqueline, an emotionally distraught girl, into shaping her life in a new way, he realizes he feels lost, for the first time in his life, without Zinnia. Amidst all the happenings, he stumbles upon a devastating secret about Zinnia’s past that will turn her life upside down. The past and the present merge beautifully as they uncover the truth behind her past.

The book breaks stereotypes at many levels and questions ‘settlement’ as being related to ‘fixedness’. ‘Settlement’ is a state of mind, related to contentment with one’s life.

What is the philosophy of your life? How do you handle success and failure?
I would be lying if I say that I don’t get disheartened when faced with failures. But I try to take things in my stride and move ahead. Success lifts my spirits. It motivates and inspires me to be even better, to work harder and constantly improve. I take success as a green signal for further improvement.

My philosophy of life is to do everything at my own pace. I don’t rush into things. I take my own sweet time. I don’t take decisions in a hurry. I reflect, introspect and move ahead when I feel that I am ready.

Traditional or self-publishing? Which one do you prefer and why?
I prefer traditional publishing as the distribution network in that case is vast. You get to reach a lot more people than you do when you self publish a book. It is all about reaching out to people in the end. And I feel that the scope to do that is greater in the traditional model. Also, when you are new to the industry, you don’t have the business acumen required to make your book stand out. Gradually you can shift into self-publishing. But for a start, I would prefer the former.

What is the next project you’re working on?
Something in the Romance genre. I am something in mind regarding abusive relationships. I am building up on that.

Last, but not the least, kindly share your views regarding our venture, writing geeks.­
I think it’s a great platform for budding authors to reach out to the masses. In the present times, it is imperative that you reach out to the right audience since the variety is immense now. Platforms like these give the initial kick that is required to market your book. Also, it is great how you guys can actually create more readership by igniting people’s interest in reading. The scope is immense. Just need to grab the right opportunities. So keep working hard and think out of the box.