Nuggets Of Wisdom- Invest In Real Estate With Wisdom

Mr. A.Venkatasubramanian, the investment guru is the author ‘Nuggets of Wisdom’. The author has had years and years of experience in investment and real estate. He has also written other successes like ‘Buddha on Wall-Street’ and ‘The Real Deal’.

Mr. Venkatasubramanian spends his time by balancing between work, writing, listening to music and playing sports. Just like him, his books are a perfect combination of accuracy and philosophy.

Nuggets of Wisdom is Mr. Venkatasubramanian personal account in the field of real estate and investment. The book shares his experiences in the form of various short articles and anecdotes. They truly beam of expertise in his field. The idea behind sharing it in the forms of anecdotes was to leave a mark on the reader. The book teaches one to become a better investor and tell you what is worth investing in and how much. The above is not just for monetary investment but connotatively even for life, as we actually understand our author’s choices.

It is only via reading books and sharing wisdom does one actually become wiser. Similarly the author tries to tell us that in addition to formal education one needs to read more personal accounts in order to understand any industry better. Especially the industry of real estate and investment.

Mr. A. Venkatasubramanian is an engineer by degree and a management professional. He currently serves as the Vice President of a top notch Real Estate Company in India and has been part of a premier Mortgage Financial Institution in the US.