Opposites Of Adjectives

Opposites Of Adjectives

Opposites Of Adjectives

The following sentences contain examples of adjectives. They are in pairs that contain adjectives that are opposite to each other:

I am happy when it is my birthday.
She was sad when her puppy died.

We were excited about going to the concert.
She was bored because there were many grammar exercises.

She is beautiful and wants to be a model.
A witch is normally very ugly.

The desert is very dry.
My towel is wet because it fell into the pool.

Children can be naughty when they are two years old.
Your children can visit me any time because they are well-behaved.

The party next door was noisy.
The mountains are very quiet when it snows.

A weightlifter is very strong.
He lost a lot of blood and was very weak.

The dogs were horrible to the cat.
The bird sang a nice song.

There was only enough space for one car on the narrow road.
The main avenue of the city was very wide.

There was a great disturbance when the bank was robbed.
There was a minor problem at work today though it wasn’t serious.

I was late to work so my boss was angry.
It is important to be early.

I am tired after running for three hours.
I slept very well last night so I was energetic this morning.

When I have lots of money I am rich.
The people who don’t have money are poor.

I didn’t feel a thing. It was painless.
Having a tooth removed can be painful.

The lights didn’t work, so it was very dark.
The sun was out in the middle of the day so it was very bright.

Be careful when you test-drive a new car.
He was careless with money is money and had many debts.

A new Porsche is expensive.
A potato is cheap.

Studying online has been very helpful to me.
During the exam I forgot everything, I was helpless.

Taking notes is a useful way to help learning.
Trying to memorize the dictionary is useless.

Learning a new language is not difficult.
Learning a new language is easy if you practice.

Eating and sleeping well will make you healthy.
She was sick so she went to the doctor.

After you wear your socks for three days they are dirty.
When I get out of the shower I am clean.

I bought a new car!
I sold my old car because it was slow.

A cup of coffee is hot.
I don’t like winter because it is cold.

After I had diarrhea for a month I was very thin.
He is fat because he always eats a lot of burgers and fries.

Bacteria are so tiny that we can’t see them.
The Pacific Ocean is enormous.

A mouse is small.
An elephant is large.

A lemon is sour.
I like sugar because it is sweet.

My baby is young.
My grandfather is old.

I drank all the water, now the glass is empty.
I put some more water into my glass and now it is full.

They had a beautiful wedding. They are married.
I don’t have a wife. I am single.

Fire is dangerous.
Don’t worry, the area is safe for children.

We need to be polite at the dinner table.
Eating with your feet on the table is rude.

Planes fly very high.
Before the plane crashed it was flying very low.

Sandpaper is rough.
Silk sheets are smooth.

She doesn’t like to talk to strangers – she is very shy.
He loves meeting new people, he is very outgoing.

The ice was very hard.
The custard was soft.

A dwarf is short.
A basketball player is very tall.

A feather is light.
A cannonball is heavy.

SOURCEWoodward English
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