Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs

Multiple Meaning Phrasal Verbs In English :

Take –off:

Meaning one: When an airplane goes into the air / when a flight leaves, we say it took off.
Example: The flight to NY took off at 11 am.

Meaning two: When someone or something gains fast success, we say it took off.
Example: The new café took off in its first week of business.

Meaning three: Remove clothing from body. It is the opposite of put on.
Example: Take off your coat and relax.

Meaning four: To leave a place. In this context, it is used informally.
Example: After a nasty fight with John, Richard took off in anger.

Meaning five: To stop studying or working for a period of time.
Example: James was so tired of working for long hours that he has finally taken off for a week.

Pass out:

Meaning one: To distribute or give away.
Example: The teacher passed out the test to the class.

Meaning two: To faint or lose consciousness due to shock, fear, nervousness or medical problem.
Example: After shopping in the heat, I passed out on the road.


Bring up:

Meaning one: To raise, care for, or educate a child.
Example:  Sarah lost her parents when she was a child. Her maternal aunt brought her up.

Meaning two: To introduce a topic into the conversation or discussion.
Example: Mike told his team, “Don’t forget to bring up the new business proposal at the meeting tomorrow.”

Take out:

Meaning one: To remove something from inside a place.
Example: I took the new mobile phone out of the box.

Meaning two: To invite someone on a social encounter.
Example: Mike is taking his girlfriend out on a date tonight.

Meaning three: To borrow. In this sense, it is used for taking out books from a library or money (loan) from a bank.
Example: I took out ten library books.

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