Read The Exciting Story Of Kumar In ‘Life Is A Bitch’

About The Book

Life has a nasty habit to become confusing and complicated at times. Kumar is not spared from this austerity of life either. The twists and turns of his life eventually push him to the edge. And being on the ­­Life is a Bitch” tells the story of Kumar’s life and the choices he makes, in the most intriguing fashion; leading towards a single inconceivable truth of his life-Our lives.

About the Author

Asmit Rathod is a New Zealand citizen, currently living in Australia.He has acquired post graduation degree in Journalism and Mass communication.He is passionate about writing and intends to make writing as his full time career. His focus of writing is life in general and human relations in particular.

Apart from writing fictions he is fond of writing Poems/ Gazals as well, which he posts at his Facebook profile on a regular basis. His poems can be read

“Life is a Bitch” is his debut book which dwells in to a brand new concept of life, derived from his observations and experiences acquired through extensively travelling to various countries and by meeting hundreds of people of various nationalities.

Currently he is working on two projects.The first project is a fiction titled “Incomplete manuscript”, which is a love story of a middle class girl from Banaras. He intends to publish this book in English as well as in Hindi.The Second project is a horror/ thriller film script, tentatively titled “Anhoni”. Author is very much keen to make entry in to Bollywood as well.