Sample Chapter of once upon a time in college

Sample Chapter of
once upon a time in college

Sample Chapter of once upon a time in college

Title : Once Upon A Time In College
Author : Gumlat Maio
Available at : Amazon Notion Press

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About The Book

Between handling cadavers with bare hands and pestering female batch-mates as an unknown caller, only to be caught red-handed and delivered sound tongue-lashings by seniors; and a hostel littered with human bones, Gaam, a first-year medical student who has never ventured out of northeastern India before, develops a crush for a North Indian girl; only to be thwarted in his efforts by his flirty room-mate.He meets the first love of his life — Sonam, an insecure, unpredictable Darjeeling girl — only to add to his confusion, leading to a break-up, with no explanation from Sonam.
Gaam’s life is forever bombarded with confusing advice from a busy senior and a flirty roommate on how to handle girls.
Will Sonam ever disclose the reason for the break up?
Will Gaam ever learn how to handle women?

Irreverent and humorous, ONCE UPON A TIME IN COLLEGE is replete with Gaam and his friends’ stupid, unforeseen misadventures.

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About The Author

Gumlat Maio was born in Arunachal Pradesh. His series of stories and cartoons about his experiences as a student in North Bengal Medical College and an ongoing novel ‘School Boy Seng’ has been regularly uploaded on his Facebook page ‘Once Upon a Time Somewhere’ garnering more than 17, 000 followers and over four million views so far. He is also the brain behind the satirical cartoon strip Arnachal Mirror, which pokes fun at problems faced by the common man in the sensitive border state.

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