The Feeling of Being Loved by Raviraj Mishra

Product details

  • Paperback: 119 pages
  • Publisher: Notion Press; 1 edition (20 December 2019)
  • Language: English

About The Book

‘The Feeling Of Being Loved’ by Raviraj Mishra is a book based on one sided love and story of a 26 year old women named Shruti who is a software engineer and lives in Indore with her parents.

Her parents want her to get married as soon as possible, and she has lack of self confidence and low self esteem. In the start of the story he meets a man called Avinash who she jell’s well with but does not approve to marry.

Shruti is a female who wants someone to love her for her and then get married and not look for marrying first and then falling in love. She has her best friend and rational thinking helper Meera who is at her work too.

Shruti has only been in love once when she was in college but never dated. She loved her classmate called Abhishek who later she decides to reunite with. She does all the weird and crazy stuff for him.

Meeting with him, she realizes that not everybody goes for looks and body shape. They decide to get marry. But later she has some weird talk with him and realizes the man never loved her for who she was. Will their marriage ever take place ? Will Shruti ever get what it’s like to have the feeling of being loved?

About The Author

Raviraj Mishra, born in Pune, India is a writer and an entrepreneur. He is the author of the book – The Feeling of Being Loved. He started writing when he was 12 years of age and soon he developed a habit of reading stories and creating one for himself. 

He started blogging from 2014. His blog mostly consisted of short stories or dramatic scenes. He wrote more than 50 short stories and poems before he started working on his first book – The Feeling of Being Loved. 

Being a newbie in the publishing world he decided to publish a short book of his 11 selected stories for an experience. The book was called ’11 Stories – Stories of Love, Life and Everything’. It was published in June 2019 and after 5 months, he published his first full novel “The Feeling of Being Loved”