– Shyamal Majumder


Poem Title: Welcome
Poet: Shyamal Majumder

Never say  someone to leave
Never say someone to last goodbye.
When you say
A pointed knife pierces my heart.
Believe or not believe
Our surrounding rivers brim up
With our tears and blood.

Have you looked into your age-old third eye?
A big opacity over the pupil
Light cannot pass
You must have to change the lens .

Why have you expected from a man deity like behavior?
Man is man, never can be deity.
Have you ever succeeded in being deity? 
Only you are able to hypnotize others with your sweet tongue…
Never change your attitude, your gesture, posture friendly, lovingly…
You are dwelling in your ego and other superior complexities.

Never say someone to leave
Never say someone to last goodbye
Better welcome, embrace with love
Just do the reverse.

    (C)Shyamal Kumar Majumder

                                                                            About The Poet
Shyamal Kumar Majumder, 50 years of age  is living at Faridpur in Bangladesh. Mainly he is a physician. Very recent He is writing poems in Bengali and English. His  love poems have been published in the distinguished anthology named ‘A DIVINE MADNESS : AN ANTHOLOGY OF MODERN POEMS, VOLUME-2 and Volume 5 and Christmas Anthology  published in 2015 from ARDUS PUBLICATIO, EUROPE.

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