Mr. A.Venkatasubramanian is the author of ‘BUDDHA on WALL-STREET’, ‘NUGGETS of WISDOM’ and ‘THE REAL DEAL’ which are books about investments. He has also penned several articles on investments that were published online and featured in newspaper columns. He has a background in Management and Finance and combines his vast knowledge and experience to help people with their investments in financial instruments.

    Mr. A.Venkatasubramanian is a qualified engineer and management graduate having done his B.E. from INDIA and M.S. in Engineering and M.B.A in General Management and Finance from the US. He has also completed CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst, USA) until Level – II.

    He has been longstanding in the industry having served as the Vice President of a premier and fast growing Real Estate Company in India and has been part of a premier Mortgage Financial Institution in the US. He is currently an Entrepreneur and loves music, arts and is an active sportsman.

    His knowledge and depth in the subject of finance has been laid out in these books which will leave a deep impact on the reader and help readers manage their life and finances in a balanced and effective manner.