Nikhil Shrivastava was born in New Delhi, India, and completed his degree from the University of Delhi. Incapability of understanding the normal pursuit of life made him search his own version of the truth. From past three years, he has been working as a professional content writer for national and international clients.
Debut novel of this left-handed author, ‘Because You Need This’ has been out for a while and reaching the audience from different nation and religion. He took more than two years to write his debut book. He’s working on a different writing assignment these days.
Writing in his words means giving soul to words, in a way that not only engage the readers but also presents them a new way of looking at the problems. For helping them realize what they have forgotten, and enables them takes their own steps to bring the better change in the society, that too without becoming a preacher.
Nikhil belong to that crowd which is different, who carry the zeal to explore and dreams to realize, the crowd whose life is judged by the consuming passion for things, for traveling, for singing, for dancing and relishing the best food of all times. Nikhil is the India’s first left-handed author who loves to explore things, who enjoys
every single gift of life. When asked about his love for exploring life, he said, “I endlessly explore things which inspire me, question me, interest me and most imperatively make me fall in love with them.”
Here goes his favorite self-made quote- Be still and look at a depth of your soul, look what you see, glean what you should.
You are both shallow and filled, munificent and menace, funny and devilish. And trust me, It will always be on you what you want to cherish.