“I’ve always wanted to do this.” These might be the words of a person who wanted to accomplish his/her goal in life but could not. On the contrary, Shhivika Goel’s dream of writing a book is not a dream anymore and has become part of reality. Shhivika Goel, is a 16 -year old student who believes that literature plays a pivotal role in shaping the
    minds of people and brings change. She aspires to work in corporate communication one day and bring about a difference in the world. It is important to understand that it is not how long we live but how we learn to live every day. She believes in collaborating power. Also, she presumes that the world can be a better place to live only if one
    speaks his/her heart out. The book, I Wish They Hadn’t, is pretty close to her heart not because it’s her first book but because it talks about family and their problems. Shhivika wants to spread the message that life is short and one does not know that what is going to happen the next moment. But isn’t that the best part of life; the unpredictability.