Shobana Mahadevan is an engineer by profession and works on enabling a culture of Innovation within
    an Enterprise. She has experience in many other areas like Research, Marketing and Management
    across various organizations. She is a University Gold Medalist in Engineering. She does a lot of social
    service and has sponsored education for many kids.

    She is someone who has always believed in the power of stories. From her childhood, she has devoured
    any book that she could lay her hands on – from libraries, friend’s houses and second hand bookshops.
    She is passionate about psychology, history and art; but can remember very little about them. She sucks
    at dancing, singing and cooking; but does it anyway. She loves to travel and meet new people. She
    married her best friend of many years and lives out of Chennai. She has two lovely sons, both with an
    enormous appetite for stories.

    FORTY FEET OFF THE GROUND is her DEBUT Novel, which has been influenced from her own life and her
    own friends.