Swarupa Chavan, a name gaining popularity in the literary field with her writings. A writer and poet by heart and passion. She made her entry in the field of fiction with her first novel “TO ERR IS HUMAN” in 2011, but it was not easy for her to enter this world. She faced many challenges all along the way.  It is said that the things which you achieve with a lot of struggle and hard work gives you immense joy and you value it the most. That was what happened with Swarupa, when her first novel was published. From there on she never stopped or looked back. She published two more novels “A JOURNEY TO REMEMBER” and “THE PREDICTION”.

Her short story THE UNSAID WORDS was also selected and published in an Anthology FUSION. She continues to share her thoughts and poems on her fan page and connects with her readers and she also has won many awards.

Her life’s journey on reflection has been very interesting. She evolved as a person, have learned a lot through all her experiences which has made her a stronger person. As a person Swarupa is a reserved and a quiet girl. Yet, she loves to travel a lot and explore new places. Her dream is to travel all around the world and experience it with her own perspective. She loves reading in her spare time.