Name The Most Realistic Love Story You’ve Ever Read In A Book

We want to know what romance novels really get that ~love~ thing right.

Love is a beautiful thing, but when romance is portrayed in books, sometimes, it can get a bit…corny.

For all of us who aren’t very romantic, that mushy gushy stuff, eye roll-inducing dialogue, and all that emotion can sometimes make you want to gag.

But every once in a while, you read a book that makes even the biggest skeptic believe in true love.
Maybe you read Call Me By Your Name by André Aciman and were taken aback at how honest its portrayal of all-consuming love and desire was.

Or you read the YA novel Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell and felt it accurately captured young love.

Or maybe you read a book that so closely resembles your own love life or the love story of someone you know that it stayed with you long after you finished it.

We want to know the books you’ve read that tell realistic love stories! Let us know the name of the book in the DropBox below, and make sure to include why you think it was so realistic.

The person with the most interesting answer will be featured in our special post.

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