Blahman and The Attack Of The Wicked Zombies


Back in our time again…

I packed my bag, wore my princess dress for play and finally, I was on my school bus. There I found Steven in a prince’s clothes (I know it sounds like a ‘princess’ but still it’s ‘prince’s) and we started discussing sports day in our bus “Are you excited?” Steven asked, “I mean you look ‘OK’!” then I replied, “Nah! I’m in the team of 12th graders and you’re in the team of kindergarteners and you’re doing the role of prince and I’m doing the role of a princess! This is going to be rough!” he said, “Yeah, I guess you’re right!” we finally reached, lifting a heavy bundle of extra homework.

(IMAGE 16 – Showing that Aven and Steven heading towards GVS school lifting heavy bundles of books)

Then in school, we found our class teacher looking at us angrily then she said “You didn’t do that much amount of homework which Jesica said to do normally!” we shouted, “WHAT DO YOU MEAN ‘NOT ENOUGH’!? WE SPENT 6 HOURS DOING HOMEWORK, WE DIDN’T DO ANYTHING EXCEPT THIS HOMEWORK!!??!” she said, “What! just 6 hours! She says that an average child should do at least 12 hours of just homework!!” we were confused we never saw a teacher destroying the free time of kids! We started thinking hard but it turned out to be a mystery. Then we headed towards the area where the function was going to happen, we found some students from ‘KFC International Academy’ bullying the kindergartners of our school, Then they suddenly looked at Steven and one of them shouted, “He is in our cricket team!” than the other kid shouted “YEAH! He’s our hero! He’ll save us!” and the students (Bullys) from ‘KFC International Academy’ were heading towards Steven…

They got into a big fight…

Then I found two chewing gums in my pocket and threw it to Steven and luckily, he got it and he ran towards the washroom with a heroic smile. Then after a few minutes, he managed to find us but he said “I can’t find my cape! A superhero is not completed without a cape!” then I got Steven’s original T-shirt that he wore in our space adventure and I cut it in half to make his cape……

Suddenly he said “BLAH!” with the plunger in his hand and they started fighting.

This scene is very violent I can’t show you but after a few seconds, Blahman was defeated…

Then suddenly our principal came from nowhere saying that the sports day will start after 15 minutes and she also said, “Hey! Steven, you’re not wearing clothes of the prince!!” Steven replied “I’m a superhero I don’t-” I quickly placed my hand on his mouth tightly and nervously and I took him in the library “Why don’t you swallow the chewing gum huh?” I asked, then he answers “But I’m a superhero, I fight crime! I don’t wear clothes of a prince!”  then I said, “Oh stop bluffing! Just do it!” then we turned our face and we saw that Jesica made her robot even bigger! Then Blahman said to her “Hey you girl with weird hair!” Jesica turned her face with anger, Blahman continued, “Let me build that giant robot!” Jesica said with anger and sarcasm, “Oh yeah!? Then you can build this thing alone right! You work and I’ll sleep!!” Steven (Blahman) agreed, and he started building that giant robot then I said “There are just ten minutes left in the show! Stop building that and come here!” Blahman agreed to say to Jesica, “I’ll come back and build it until then you make the interior!” Jesica asked, “But why should I make the interior?!” Blahman answered, “Because I don’t know how to build the interior!”

Jesica was getting annoyed and frustrated, but she agreed and started to work on it, then we ran in the ground to attend our activities then we saw that everyone came to see our sports day, even our parents came to see us in our act!! BUT I was not prepared for it! Suddenly the walls were cracking and we started to hear a low, groaning voice coming from the walls saying “BRAAAIIINNNSSS……”

We were starting to get creeped out! But we thought that we were hallucinating or someone was pranking us very badly. Then the walls collapsed and a bunch of zombies bursts out through it and they started heading towards us.

And we got so, so stunned that our mouths were open without a movement.

Then we noticed this is not good so, we ran from there and hiding in the library we saw that the zombies killed someone so we were very, VERY HORRIFIED! Then I commanded Blahman to fight but he refused as he was afraid that these zombies will kill him so I got a plan, we dressed in cheerleader’s costumes and came out from the library with a fake smile and an irritating dance saying that “Hey! Do you want some brains? We have them!” but they didn’t work as our plan: they were not coming to kill us, but they didn’t come to kill us because they noticed something-that was that we didn’t have a brain so, we were safe but not Jesica: she was the smartest kid in the school, so she had a very LARGE brain.

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A zombie bite kills you because of infection, or blood loss, not because of the zombie “virus.”

Now, Blahman was a superhero filled with fear. As a superhero, he didn’t fight with the zombies, but still, we were safe, zombies started heading towards our school’s gym, but Jesica was still busy building her robot’s interior, now, we were the only kids safe in our school, so, the lives of the other students were in our hands! We started thinking of a plan, and, we got it! We went to the grocery shop to buy artificial modals of a human brain, I said “This is for the whole school! We have to act fast!” then Blahman got one more plan! He said to pour milk on the zombies but I refused…

About The Author

Srijan Kabra is great in studies as well as in extracurricular activities. He loves to write comic fiction books, manages his own YouTube channel as well as taking part in sports activities at school and at home. Most of all, he is a great kid who loves to invite his friends at home for small get together and fun times.
Inspired by everyday events, he writes fictional stories, including his best friends. Therefore, even his books are also about his two best friends, their childish thinking, imagination to get superpowers and the issues they solve to save the world. The name of this first book was ‘Journey to Space With Blahman’ and this 2nd book is about Zombie Apocalypse.









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