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Blahman and the Terrifying Terror of Jesica

When Blahman destroyed the gun I was still
thinking what are the challenges we need to
complete? I said, “If we managed to break
the walls of this box we will be able to get
out!” “Wow, it’s a great idea!” Blahman said
happily “But I don’t think Jesica has made
a trap so easy to escape! But let’s try!”
Blahman was preparing to punch the wal,
he first gave a heroic look then he punched
the wall and… the opposite happened..
Miss Ketchup said *This won’t do, we need
to think out of the box” but I cried “But we are in a box! How can we manage to
think outside of it!?” suddenly Blahman
interrupted “What’s that?” we turned our
head and we saw a door we ran towards it
hoping that we can get out, when we opened
if, we sawa passage
We couldn’t see the way as there was no
light source in there. Anyways, we got in
the passage and walked for like 25 minutes,
after that we got in a place which was like
a rainforest!
We walked in hopes to get out but it was
just the beginning, but suddenly a ninja
star or you can say a sharp object came
towards us at a speed of 220km per hour
and was heading towards us aiming straight
on Blahman so Blahman bend and it landed
on a rock and the rock broke into pieces.
We were now more careful Miss Ketchup
COME OUT AND FIGHT” then a sound
from every direction saying “Im nota
dumb banana-” suddenly a guy wearing
weird clothes with an orange hat appeared
behind me and continued his sentence
“I am a MATHEMATICIAN!” then I said
excitedly “Wow, can you tell me the answer
to this question? I took out my question
paper from my last exam.
He looked deeply into it and said The answer
is 906738! That was very easy!” “Wow!” I
shouted, “You are amazing from now on you’ll do my exams, especially in maths!” “Thank
you very much,” he said.

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