Sample Chapters

Corporate Eagle By Madhukant Acharya

Chapter 1

It was in the wee hours of the morning when the marriage ceremonies concluded. Kumud and Mohan were escorted to their decked up bridal chamber smelling of roses. They were tired but happy that the traditional rituals had been completed fulfilling the wishes of their families.

There had been an unending stream of activities including interventions by family members and the priest to finish everything as per tradition. All eyes were weary from being awake at this late hour but the priest’s alert mind was focused on performing all his duties to perfection. Finally the time came when he declared the marriage fully solemnized leading to everyone smiling and start talking simultaneously.

‘Come my dear let us go inside.’ Mohan heard his mother saying.
Mohan stood up as his shawl tugged at Kumud’s sari end tied to it. It was time for the bride to rise and shine. She could however manage only a hesitant smile since she had been sitting cross legged for nearly four hours facing the sacred fire. She seemed to be locked in a position of a frozen statue. Mohan offered his hand as she held it gratefully and stood up enfolding his palm with her hands in the effort.

They stood together as man and wife for the first time. A chorus of approval and giggles went up. Kumud withdrew her hand from Mohan’s and smiled back at her parents who were misty eyed.

From this moment onwards Kumud had permanently migrated to Mohan’s family and the voluntary loss of her parents showed but they put up smiling faces. They would feel her absence even more poignantly when they were alone and missed her carefree presence and laughter which had lit up the large house and their lives.
The bridegroom was twenty five and his bride six years younger. He was working for a multinational while she had just completed her graduation in science and had to decide on a career. They were left alone and the door was shut. Sitting on their bridal bed quietly and about to start a conversation.

‘You are tired. I felt it when your hands hung onto my palm to stand up. Sitting for four hours must have drained all your energy.’ Mohan sympathized.
‘Yes but I am fine now.’ she smiled.
She demurely allowed her soft hand to rest in his palm even as Mohan enfolded it with both hands. It was so delicate. Warmth flowed through their touch. Inevitably their eyes met. Her aromatic breath was drawing him closer to her. It was the right moment for a kiss. Mohan leaned forward and saw her eyes closing. It was a tender moment. He kissed her lower lip as she slipped into his arms. They kissed a little more fervently and lay down on the cushioned bed.

‘Are you okay? I mean how do you feel’ Mohan whispered

‘I feel a bit anxious.’ Kumud said in an undertone.
‘Why anxious?’
‘You know why. This is our first night together. I feel a tingling pleasure at your touch without having any control on my senses. Besides we are still in our heavy wedding dress and my bridal ware feels uncomfortable to sleep in.’ Kumud managed to say.

‘Would you rather change and freshen up before we sleep.’ Mohan asked.

Mohan released her and fathomed she was quite in control of her senses and concluded comfort was a precondition for sound sleep. Her innate desire was obvious but she wanted the right conditions to prevail before she would enter into the garden of love.
So here he was with his brand new wife on their wedding night lying on a soft bed attracted intensely to each other. She perhaps intuitively wanted the correct romantic ambience for that once in a lifetime experience of starting on a journey of conjugal bliss.
Wow! She had a cool head for hot sex. He winked but gave himself away when he started laughing. She joined him but distinctly gave the impression that she knew exactly as to what was going on in his mind. She seemed more relaxed than him. Early wisdom was dawning on him that he better not take her for granted.

‘Please shower.’
‘Yes give me a minute.’

Mohan dozed off after changing into his cotton pajamas. The door to the bathroom opened and she saw her husband in deep sleep. She lay besides him looking at his sleeping face for a few moments and closed her eyes. It must have been a couple of hours past when Mohan got up to use the washroom. On return he saw her sleeping on her side with a pillow between her arms.

Her black hair was spread over her shoulders descending to her waist. The valley of her narrow waist lifted to a full curve of shapely hips and the youthful thrust of her buttocks was clearly contoured against the silk gown.

By now Mohan was wide awake. He felt excited and cozied up behind her and put his arm around the narrow waist. She turned and cuddled up. Her breasts felt so soft. The scent of a woman engulfed him completely.

They kissed slowly at first but repeatedly and hungered for more. Feeling the thrust and the throbbing they inevitably had sex. They explored each other’s bodies with passion and love. That was not unusual but what seemed a good start to their conjugal life was this feeling of relaxed enjoyment.

They were comfortable with each other. They did not have to get up early next morning so went back to sleep till they were awoken by persistent knocking on the door. A new day had begun. He felt poetic.

I am a heart full of desire
Come and recognize me
An ocean deep and calm on the surface
But within the depth of my heart a treasure
That the world cannot buy
Oh come and recognize me.
Don’t look away or hide your eyes from me
Oh come and recognize me
Don’t look away or hide your eyes from me
Oh come and recognize me
Mohan just could not take his eyes away from kumud’s smiling face.

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