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I Am In Love With a Shudh Desi Firangi

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I Am In Love With a Shudh Desi Firangi

Sample Chapter_I am in Love with a Shudh Desi Firangi _Dipnanda Bhaduri Roy

About The Author

Dipnanda Bhaduri Roy is a professional content writer at a Bangalore-based KPO that serves clients from all over the world. A management graduate, Dipnanda believes that passion drives creation. While doing ghost-writing for her clients, Dipnanda has often had a feeling of emptiness that has been constantly questioning her identity. With several accolades in her professional resume, Dipnanda is now destined to set up a real identity in the world of fiction as a leading romance writer. Her short stories in different genres have been published in a number of anthologies.

Born and brought up in a liberal Bengali family that gave a lot of importance to education and literature, Dipnanda has always been encouraged to pursue a career of her choice. Married to a banker-turned-interior designer who has been her strongest critic, Dipnanda is constantly challenged to explore perspectives in different lights. She has a vision to write for those who dare to travel into unknown worlds and define their lives in unusual norms.

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