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You Are Mine by Dharvin Vinod Vasani

“Flight number AI 162, London to Mumbai is delayed by 6 hours. Sorry for the inconvenience. Further information will be shared shortly.” The beautiful voice from the intercom fell on his ears bringing him out of deep thoughts that occupied his mind. He had arrived at the airport much before his reporting time and was waiting for his flight to Mumbai, the very flight that got delayed.His life was already in a bad phase and the announcement further depressed his mood. The hustle and bustle of the crowd moving to and fro in front of him irritated him more.The fact that they had the suitability of arriving at their destination while he was forced to wait at the airport made him restless. He wanted to get out of this unsettling scenario as soon as possible but that was not about to happen anytime soon.He decided to rest for a while to calm his mind.
Aarav, a 5‟8” tall, 25-year-old, was fairly handsome with a slim body. A rimless spec on his face made him look like a perfect gentleman.A small briefcase in one hand and his passport and Visa documents in the other, added to his suave attire.He looked like a businessman to anyone who spared a glance at him. But he was not in London to crack any business deals. In his briefcase were hospital documents, medical prescriptions and long bills; enough to make a huge hole in his pocket.

He couldn’t remember the last time he had laughed heartily. His face always bore a smile, always. He would smile like an idiot, he would smile out of joy, he would smile in a caring manner, every type of smile there is; he had it on his face. He loved his life. But now, he has forgotten what being carefree feels like. His energy and enthusiasm which were once on peak, had drained out of his body like water wringed out of cloth. His face had lost its charm and the once sparkling eyes now had dark circles below them. His shoulders hunched a bit giving him an old man‟s posture.
He decided to have a cup of tea and some snacks in the quiet corner of the airport cafeteria; his own „me‟ time. Though the flight delay no longer bothered him as he had much more pressing issues on his mind, he nevertheless wanted to avoid the crowd and the chaos created by it. He carefully chose the place so as not to be disturbed. He recalled his life before it had taken a turn for the worst. He recalled how things were and how, out of nowhere things had turned to their present circumstances. He let out a tired sigh as he placed his finished cup on the table. He wanted to relax for a while. To give his eyes and mind a little rest. It had been ages since he had proper sleep. Now that he was stuck at the airport for 6 hours with nothing else to do, he might as well make use of it.
He walked towards the lounge and occupied an empty seat, one with less people around. He sunk into the cosy cushions and leaned his head over the seat. He concentrated at the roof, following the highs and lows of the false ceiling, the down-lights. He concentrated on  the color and other aesthetical patterns. His eyelids started drooping and he gratefully closed his eyes.
Barely a minute or so had passed when he was forced to open his eyes because of the babbling of a couple seated behind him. He frowned in anger. He tried to drown the noise and fall back asleep, but they were too loud. His ears unintentionally picked up parts of the conversation.
“Baby, I am so happy I have you in my life,” said the girl.
“Me too, I will never leave you,” replied the boy.
Irritated, he turned around to inform them that someone was trying to catch a wink of sleep but he saw them engrossed in taking selfies. He could spot himself in few of their pictures, they didn’t seem to mind. They were oblivious to anyone around them except for each other. He smiled within himself and turned back. A part of their conversation fell on his ears.
“I want our kids to know each and every detail about how we met, how we got married and so on. They will be amazed to hear of our adventures,” the boy said excitedly.
“Then promise me that you will write every detail about our relationship in a book and let everyone know how much you love me. You may not remember small details 10 years from now”, said the girl. As he lay with his eyes closed, the words of that anonymous girl sent ripples down his body. The lines hit him hard, like someone had thrown a stone to is  head; a remainder to the past that he had forgotten. He realized, in his pursuit of life, how much he had left behind. His eyes flew open and he remembered; the one thing that he was supposed to do but hadn’t. He remembered his promise to someone that he had forgotten to fulfill. A sense of awareness dawned upon him and he made up his mind to fulfill his unaccomplished goal. He had to; that was the only good thing left in his life.  He did not hear the rest of the conversation, as that one realization and turned his life upside down. He had a promise to fulfill; his only purpose to live. His eyes moistened up gradually and tears, which were a part and parcel of his life now, streamed down his cheeks continuously. He let them flow. He decided to fulfill the promise he had made to the most important person in his life. He opened his laptop and started writing.

About The Author

A Banker by profession, Dharvin Vinod Vasani was born on 6thjuly 1990 in Bhiwandi, small city in Mumbai. He did his master’s in management studies from Mumbai University. His interest for writing piqued during his MBA days.

You are mine is his debut novel inspired by the stories around him. He believes that the luckiest person who walks on the earth is the one who finds true love.

You can find out more about him on: Facebook:
Instagram: dharvin3161

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