The industrialist smuggler Seth Dharmdas is in fact an earlier sober, shy, talented and young poet Dhiraj whom the circumstances of life betrayed and threw on to wrong paths. The incident with his beloved fiancee Anuradha and her suicide proved a character changing tsunami for Dhiraj. He now did everything – right or wrong, evil or virtous for the society and in the society. The incident with Anuradha continued to inflame and boil his heart.

The mysterious murder of Union leader Vijay and the conspiracy to send Bharat, another union leader, behind bars by Dharmdas; brought Sandhya, the sister of Bharat, first near Dharmdas and later in confrontation. To castigate and to take revenge from Dharmdas for his atrocities and sins, Sandhya incarnates into “Raani”.

Although one honest and hardworking Govt. spy Col Rajesh with his colleague spy Miss Menka tried his best to save Bharat and bring Dharamdas to justice, but he couldn’t succeed.

Bharat, when knows of the path being traversed by Raani, falls in dilemma. However, reluctantly but ultimately Bharat stands by Raani. Lo ! But what does Bharat do ?

On the other hand, a dutiful police officer Mr Shashibhushan Singh although lays a siege of Raani for capturing her, but finally retreats at the threat of Raani.

Does Raani succeed in castigsting Dharamdas and taking revenge for his sins ? What happens to Seth Dharmdas, Raani and Bharat? Why Mr. Shashibhushan withdraws and why does enter Wing Commander Mr. Mathur in the story?
To know and to know much more, must read ANURADHA

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