Buddha on Wall-Street

Buddha on Wall-Street

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Can Money Buy Happiness?  How to Maximize your HQ (Happiness Quotient)? What is the Path to ‘Financial MOKSHA’? How to use your finances to Maximize your Potential? Why is Money like ‘Oxygen’?

BUDDHA on WALL-STREET is where western philosophies of maximizing wealth meet the eastern philosophies of moderation and maximizing happiness. This is where the United States of America meets Bhutan.

While BUDDHA on WALL-STREET is primarily a book on investments it seeks to redefine happiness from the perspective of ancient wisdom drawing on the source of true happiness.  It is materialism with contentment.

BUDDHA on WALL-STREET not only equips the reader with knowledge and wisdom to effectively maximize returns and manage one’s investments but also lays out a balanced approach to maximize one’s happiness.

In the material world there is a single pointed focus towards attaining wealth. This defeats the purpose it intends to serve, ending in misery rather than happiness. The book deals with the mechanics of how to maximize one’s Happiness Quotient (HQ).

The Book is a practical guide on how one should balance out one’s primal desires for infinite wealth with one’s HQ (Happiness Quotient). It is about securing our future with the right investments and managing our lives with the right attitude.

Product details

  • Hardcover: 236 pages
  • Publisher: Notion Press; 1 edition (2018)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1644294494
  • ISBN-13: 978-1644294499

1 review for Buddha on Wall-Street

  1. Jonica

    Cover of the book: initially, I thought it to be multiple rays behind Buddha but seeing it close, I could decipher it to be numbered; well, that confused me a bit but on reading the book, I understood it well that the author has elucidated the art of balancing/making peace with money and self. Therefore, for the creativity of bringing the core theme of the entire book, I would like to rate 4.3/5.

    Title of the book: reading the title, I initially reacted like “wall street..whaattt?” probably that curiousness intrigued me to purchase and read it within two full days with no break. To be honest, no finance-related book has interested me to this level but the title had the spark and energy to do so; well, to put in other words, the title has a way to pull you inside the book and delve deeper and for this, I would like to rate 4.7/5.

    Binding: hard-bound


    The content is actually more than just a piece of information and it is very meaningful when applied to real-life. More than often, I always do find myself distorted or disturbed mentally when there is no finance in hand at one point of the month; this book helped me understand ways I can make things right rather than pointing out the known mistake of not being able to maintain finance.

    In short, this book about investment is an investment itself.

    The following are the pros.

    The author definitely has a way with words and that made content more easy and interesting.
    Every quote in each chapter summarised the content and helped me to read further; it acted as a quick warm-up for the upcoming contents.
    it is definitely a good read if you have an inter3est to balance peace and finance.
    crispy content and there is NO “ehm, can you end it soon” type of chapter of pages
    There are no big cons but the book may not interest you if you do not have much interest in subjects like finance, investment etc; but, if you give it a try, it can help you to a very great extent.

    Must read/recommended for: teens; this will help them know the art of investment at a very young age.

    Overall, the content can be rated 4/5!

    Reviewed by


    Author of withering summer, the uncut broken wings.

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