Appy and Danny are college batch-mates. Appy and Danny can’t stand each other!

He is the cocktail of carefree charm, wealth, and good looks. She a mock-tail of middle-class values, burning ambition, and a knack for following the rules.

Thrown into the same team for an international college competition, they score an all-expense-paid trip to Switzerland. Suddenly, it’s a mix of all-nighters, debates spicier than jalapeños, and chemistry hotter than a flaming Jaeger bomb.

In this world of wild roommates, lit parties, and fierce competition, Appy and Danny’s love-hate saga plays out like the ultimate mixology experiment.

But misunderstandings might spill this cocktail, and they’ve got to decide to swipe left or right on their blossoming romance.

Cocktail Mocktail is your backstage pass to a love story that flips campus norms. Get ready for a heady concoction of love, laughs, and self-discovery that feels like crashing the coolest party on campus.

Cheers to a love story that’ll leave you tipsy!