Is ethics subject to evolution?

Has ethics chosen evolution over extinction in its course of existentialism?

Does a paradigm shift in the sequence of our priorities and the immortality in the motion of time, act as a catalyst for the evolution of ethics?

Does constantly judging the lack of conventionally established ethical standards in all our present-day actions, prevent us from celebrating the presence of ethics in its best possible contemporary form today?

Ethics & its Ecdysis makes you wonder if ethics as a phenomenon is subject to evolution, just like every other living being despite being abstract in nature, or not?

This book attempts to answer these curious questions through a very interesting story. With business ethics as the plot and ecdysis as the theme, the author has attempted to discover the possibility of the evolution of ethics through a realistic, relatable, and relevant story.

Ultimately, this book leaves you with the power to decide whether you choose to accept the ecdysis of ethics and keep pace with reality OR accept the extinction of the conventionally rigid connotations of ethics and fossilize your place in the real space.