///Love, Arranged By Mother Nature

Love, Arranged By Mother Nature


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A story of family ties, ambitions, insecurities and pure unadulterated romance:

Be a part of “Love, Arranged By Mother Nature” a sweet romantic fiction set against the backdrop of snow clad hills, a cozy fire and warm coffee. Amrita and Arjun’s story entwines family ties, ambitions, insecurities and pure unadulterated romance.

Amrita is a dynamic woman, but with a lot of short comings. She is picky, guarded and does exactly what she loves. She has created a successful bakery in the heart of her city and following her love for pastry making Amrita now wants to become a professional pâtissière. The plans are all made, life is going exactly where she wants it to. Until, her parents make her meet Arjun.
Arjun is a mature and suave man. Amrita is the last person he considers to be a match for himself. But she surprises him and he starts to open up more than he had ever intended to.

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About The Author

Gauri Mittal is a doctor. She loves to write and translate her imagination into stories. She had written another novel by the name of “Captivated” and the first part of a series titled “My conversation with a robot” available at Amazon. She also writes poems, short stories and articles which can be read at her blog: viewthewriting.wordpress.com

1 review for Love, Arranged By Mother Nature

  1. Jonica Ebenezer

    Beginning with the cover of the book, I would like to rate 4/5; for, it is innovative, apt representation (not misleading the contents) and is precise (not overdone).

    Speaking of the title of the book, I would rate it 4.2/5; for, it is unique and induced me to dwell into the contents in search of the core theme.

    Well, now let me critically review the contents.

    Interesting theme; 4.5/5
    The uniqueness of the plot; 4.2/5
    Narrating style of the author; 4.6/5 (the book kept me hooked throughout the world of words).
    English- the English was pretty easy to follow and it did not give me the trouble of referring to external sources; 4.5/5
    The speed of the book- it was racy until the middle, a bit slow for a couple of chapters and the rest gained the raciness again; 4.3/5
    Cons- As far as I have read, only a couple of chapters were a bit slow but I don’t think that would amount to a major con.
    Best things about the content-
    a. Characterisation: characters were simple and were given sufficient depth; 4/5

    b. Visualisation: the narration made my mind visualize automatically i.e., choice of words were powerful; 4.3/5

    c. Core theme: I liked the core theme and the way it was wrapped and unwrapped; 4.6/5. Most importantly, I liked the way it ended in the way I DID NOT want to end.

    overall, a solid 4.6/5; kudos to the author!

    Reviewed by Jonica

    Author of Withering Summer, The Uncut Broken Wings.

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