“Should I Hate or Love” is not merely a love story, but a true love story of a boy named Aayan – a
boy in whose life love I everything but unfortunately, he find himself standing alone at each step of
life. This story basically revolves around major five characters: Aayan, Siya, Samaira, Sudhir and
Manorama. Aayan is an IPS officer who often lives alone and Samaira is his friend who loves him
with her heart and life. But for Aayan, till today, his first love resides in his heart. To tell Samaira
about his loneliness and everything related to his love, he revels to her everything about his past life.
He tells her about his parents who have not talked to each other for last 20 years and are still not on
talking terms. Due to their never-ending fights, Aayan was leading his life in tears. Despite having his
family he was all alone in this whole wide world.
And then one day Aayan and Siya met by coincidence. Aayan and Siya used to study in the same
school but had never met before. When they met for the first time, Aayan came to realize that she
was the same girl whom he had seen at a party three years ago; from that moment she always used
to appear in his dreams, but now she was in front of him. This one meeting of theirs as if changed
their lives and when and how they fell for each other, they themselves were not aware. But after
sometime Aayan’s family came to know about their budding relationship. Life took such a turn that
Aayan had to go away from Siya to a hostel for two years. But despite the distance his love for her
kept on increasing instead of reducing. Everywhere he started to see Siya and only Siya; he gave his
love the place of his God. He even engraved his love’s name on his chest with knife and, every
moment was dying for her. He had to bear a lot, cry a lot in these two years. He had to fight
everybody. He even eloped from his house and one from hostel too only to meet her but on meeting
her he found her totally changed. He realised that she didn’t love him anymore and felt that the Siya,
for whom he forgot everything, did not even want to see his face or come close to him. Despite
crying and dying for her for two years he did not get his love and life kept them apart even after that

For Aayan, now life was Siya and when his life was not with him, he had given up the desire of living.
But he did not even die without her. Destiny had something else in store for him. Destiny again
made both of them meet but only for a day. After this day there came a new turn in his life, he got
hurt a lot but this hurt only made him see a new aim of living life; he, with all his hard work and
dedication, became an IPS and during this journey of his he came across Samaira.

Today after so many years, Aayan was telling Samaira all this as he wanted to attend Siya’s marriage
which was going to take place that very evening. After 5-6 years Aayan, went to her wedding with
the intention of seeing her and then removing her from his heart forever as the girl for whom Aayan
sacrificed his everything kept on punishing him by staying away from him. But what Aayan and
Samaira faced after going to her place, was the most shocking for both of them? Because before
them was her dead body, that too wrapped in her wedding attire. There Aayan got a letter after
reading which every person present there came to know about Siya’s unconditional love for Aayan
which she cherished till her last breath. And in her last moments too she just wanted to be his bride.
She was gone forever but after telling every secret of her heart to Aayan through her letter. She left
only a question in Aayan’s heart and mind… Should he Hate or Love her.

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  • Paperback: 166 pages
  • Publisher: Notion Press; 1 edition (26 November 2018)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1644297477
  • ISBN-13: 978-1644297476
  • Product Dimensions: 12.7 x 1.1 x 20.3 cm