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The Prediction


THE PREDICTION has been awarded as the BEST SCI-FI NOVEL of the Year 2016.
The protagonist of the novel Tia is cursed with a magical power. She could foresee the future. But prophecies of the impending calamities were always derided. It made her loved ones estrange from her leaving her derelict and forlorn. She grew up feeling deprived for affection and love making her go deeper into a shell and rely on her instincts for connecting with the outer world. Her power of the sixth sense grew with time making her an object of ridicule by her father who thinks of her as an evil spirit.
His doubts are affirmed when Tia’s precognition of her mother’s death comes true. Tia is held responsible for all the evil that happens around and she grows up with this guilt. Her attempts to apprehend the gift she possessed and make amends with her family fail miserably.
Few years later, life gives her another chance to reunite with her brother at St. Paul’s Academy. But her attempts to befriend her brother and gain his affections are met with distrust. Her hallucinations follow her and her powers grow stronger as she starts levitating. But now it was time for emancipation, for what Tia sees in her visions this time changes the course of everybody’s lives!

Product details

  • Paperback
  • Publisher: omji Publishing House Pvt. Ltd. (2015)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 9384028150
  • ISBN-13: 978-9384028152


About The Author

Born and brought up in Mumbai, Swarupa works as a Deputy General Manager with one of the leading Agro Chemical Manufacturing companies. Apart from being a rank holder in Packaging Technology, Swarupa has done her MBA and has achieved several accolades in her professional field. She loves travelling and exploring new places. Being an avid reader she loves reading Robin Sharma, Richard Bach, P.G Wodehouse, Ken Follet, Paulo Coelho and Nicholas Sparks, to name a few. Her passion for writing led to Swarupa debuting with her novel To Err is Human . Her unique narration style has made her popular and she is being reviewed as a promising upcoming author. Attempting the difficult task of making the reader smile through her story telling, she now comes up with her second novel A Journey to Remember . The storyline is based on depicting the relationship between two childhood friends Ananya and Reva who although are like soul sisters, yet have a lot of differences in their behaviour. This sparks a lot of humour which keeps the pages turning. The story weaves in the backdrop of Shimla covering its natural panorama and is taken forward in an Anglo Indian styled Mansion Oakwood, where all the major action- adventure-and humorous episodes evolve.


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