It is not always necessary that the arrival of a storm would imply some ominous signs. The storm often brings with it change and transition. The Princess of Swarna-Sarsika is a fantasy tale that traces the mysterious birth of Aadya in the most affluent family of the city accompanied by an uncanny and eerie turmoil that was about to change the course of life for the inhabitants of the city. The mysterious pond that shimmers like gold in the northern yard of the Kashyap mansion beholds the secrets that recount the past events and their connection with Aadya’s birthmark and her destiny. Being born with alluring beauty and unique attributes she holds the power to heal, read minds and sense unforeseen circumstances ahead of time. Because of her vexed reputation amongst the people, some believed her to be a demi-goddess and others to be a cursed soul.

Her affinity towards the mysterious pond and the Shiv-shakti temple in the city leads her on a perilous path to uncover the astounding secrets of her family history and her mission to restore the lost treasure of the city. On her way, she finds faith, loyalty, friendship, and love. As the truth of her reincarnation unfolds, she finds herself in an ordeal.
Find out more about the mystical city “Swarna-Sarsika” and what happens when her visions become reality. Will she be able to accomplish her mission? What has destiny in store for her?