Life has its ups and downs, which are provided in a nutshell, in this collection of poems. A glimpse into the day-to-day life is offered, not to mention the joys and impediments in raising a family. One takes in the excitements and pleasures of various worlds – the world of music, the magic of the beach and the chirping of the birds.

On a serious note, managing household and career, studies and gadgets, relatives and family, all bring one to take decisions and to prioritize. A gamut of emotions would grip one as one ponders over the poems. Relevance to today’s times is a noteworthy factor even as lively illustrations enthrall the soul.

Looking at festivals, the fun of Christmas and Diwali does not absolve one of his or her duty, be it the household head, the ever-present career woman or the innocent children. Children, who love the circus and the zoo, bonding with animals. Some even have pets to live with and to love.

All in all, this is the life of the current era, and though it is busy, there are plenty of remarkable occasions, one realizes, as one delves into its various shades.