Writing Geeks
Writing Geeks
  • Midnight Muses is an artistic collection of refined poetry, which explores a person’s deepest feelings.
  • In this Hindi short story collection, immerse yourself in a profound journey through the myriad complexities of life. This book breathes life into its characters, revealing the raw realities of emotions and the profound simplicity that lies within the complexity of being human. The book captivates us with its raw authenticity, presenting real-life struggles and triumphs that mirror the complexities of our own journeys. Dive into a rich blend of narratives, where the fire of dreams ignites the vessel of the heart, and the slow flame of patience crafts a masterpiece of life's truest essence.
  • If you can dream it, you can achieve it. If you want to: • Develop a positive mental attitude • Raise your self-esteem • Release your emotional baggage • Build healthy habits • Improve your performance • Achieve your goals • Live happily in the moment Then this book is for you. You will learn powerful and proven techniques to become the best version of yourself and achieve happiness and greater success. The concepts and techniques explained in this book, such as meditation, mindfulness, affirmations, and visualization, would help you unlock your hidden potential and create the life of your dreams.
  • Dubai is becoming a magnet for business entrepreneurs, innovators, and dreamers. The leaders of the country have turned deserts and sand dunes into a world-class city that more than 200 nationalities call home. Dubai has become the jewel of the Middle e a s t. In this world-class city and amazing entrepreneurial environment, I started a business in healthcare. I wanted to bring world-class quality healthcare services to the Middle East. It is my modest attempt to do that in areas where I can have an impact. I have gained a good level of academic and industry healthcare knowledge and experience from a business development standpoint. I wanted to craft my own career and business in healthcare in Dubai. I am thankful to Dubai for giving me the environment to launch my business in healthcare. I have learned a lot from the experience of setting up and growing a couple of companies. One company was successful, and the other one was either closed, ceased operations, or sold out.
  • The Dharma of the typical Indian citizen is to move into the globalized and networked future while being rooted in the richness and orderliness of the Indian culture. The Indian social ecosystem offers several principles of management. This book, titled Dharmic Management offers multiple insights on management from the Indian social ecosystem. This book is written to trigger a collaboration between cultural scholars and management experts to expand and enrich the domain of Dharmic Management.
  • “The Jar is gone. It’s Protector? Dead. There are too many cheese references for anyone’s liking. Can three young officers solve the most formidable mystery this town has seen in decades?” The PAAW Museum opens its gates to tourists once again post the pandemic, inviting the eyes and ears of the world within its forbidden chambers. The Board of the Museum has a goal in mind: to share the secrets they have so fiercely guided for the past seven decades with the hearts who can bear them and the souls who can. The lessons derived from these secrets can help give the world some direction in the unbridled chaos of our generation. It was time for the past to resurface. After all, a past kept hidden is an earthly life forgotten.
  • AI+

    Embark on a transformative journey that challenges your perception of AI and unveils the boundless potential within you. With over 220,000 hours of experimentation on 100,000 individuals worldwide, Korak Day offers a holistic approach to life, liberating you from regret, stress, depression, and toxins. Through four profound steps of Consciousness, Experience, Resonance with the highest, and Excellence, Korak reveals the path to awaken your dormant inner power – Aatma, the MetaSoul. This book empowers readers to break free from machine dependency and embrace their uniqueness to live life to its fullest.
  • Befarmaid

    India has always been a region of multiple cultures and ethnicities comprising a multifaceted, colorful, and genuinely diverse civilization of innumerable peoples, beliefs, and languages. The political domination of Muslim dynasties from Central Asia from the Ghaznavid conquests onwards led to "Persian" being grafted into the Indian subcontinent as the official language of governance and high culture. As classical Persian culture fell into abeyance during the Middle Ages and the Islamic West disintegrated into chaos, India fostered a Persian cultural renaissance of unparalleled literary achievement by émigrés to India as well as by Indians themselves. However, from the beginning of the seventeenth century. "Urdu" began to form around the lower echelons of society as a common tongue to enable communication between the myriad ethnicities of the Mughal Empire, ultimately restricting Persian to a refined language of culture and courtly life in the Mughal court and becoming a vibrant and dynamic language in its own right thus becoming the first literary language with a substantial original contribution from Indians since ancient Sanskrit. Presented in this book are proses, minstrelsy and parnassus straight from the kings emperors, saints, prisoners and outlaws of the Mughal court and jurisdiction, as well as the beau monde and aristocracy of the Mughal India.
  • Lockdown Love

    When Colonel Vikram Rathode of the Indian Army calls Dr. Nisha Garg in New Delhi from Drass after 13 years, his carefully-constructed world of ‘missions impossible’ and honor stripes crumbles. Vikram has to make a choice between love and duty. And, with the Coronavirus pandemic raging across the world and threatening to bear down on India, Vikram stakes his career to leave his post to pull Nisha out of the mire into which she was sinking at the isolation ward in Delhi’s prestigious Safdarjung Hospital. Vikram elopes with Nisha from the hospital, braving the Covid lockdown – for he cannot go wrong in life again. He had made a mistake 13 years ago when he left her for the Army. He has to make it up to her. Entwined around a debate over whether army officials are entitled to leave on personal grounds in times of national emergencies, Lockdown Love explores the daring frontiers of personal compulsions against the call of duty – and military commitments. A passionate and nail-biting drama that begins in the icy mountains of Drass and moves to New Delhi, ending at the army post in Udhampur. A thought-provoking and delightful novel. A true page-turner!
  • Discover the untold story of Indian women’s cricket in “Maiden Innings.” While names like Kapil Dev, Gavaskar, Tendulkar, and Kohli dominate the male-dominated cricket scene, a resilient team of young women silently carries the torch for Indian women’s cricket. Their remarkable journey to the 2017 Women’s Cricket World Cup finals showcases their unwavering commitment. Coming from humble backgrounds, these women possess dreams as vast as the nation itself. “Maiden Innings” unveils their indomitable characters, serving as powerful role models for women across sports, industries, and society’s marginalized sections. Delve into their stories and be inspired to transform your own life.
  • Introducing ‘Heal-Thy World’: A Manifesto for Health, Unity, and Progress. This transformative book uncovers the secrets of health care, addressing ‘Individual Health,’ ‘Social Health,’ ‘Healthy India,’ ‘Healthy World,’ and ‘ONE HEALTH.’ It targets doctors, policymakers, and health professionals, offering insights to build a healthier world. Neglected social health, disproportionate disease growth, and wealth distribution issues are explored. The importance of trained family doctors, prioritizing health promotion, and social aspects of wellness in medical education and research are highlighted. Urging timely action, the book discusses democratic socialism as a solution and provides guidance for inclusive health policies. Join for a brighter future.
  • Are you exhausted by the overwhelming abundance of conflicting diet advice and the skyrocketing costs of medical treatments? Imagine a world where the solution to chronic illnesses is within reach, waiting to be unlocked through uncomplicated lifestyle modifications. Brace yourself for a captivating journey as “The Diet Mysteries” by Shakur Tisekar unravels the remarkable narratives of ordinary individuals who triumphed against all odds, attaining profound healing by harnessing the power of nutrition and exercise. In this enlightening book, Tisekar simplifies the intricate realm of nutrition, exercise, and overall well-being, empowering readers to embark on their own transformative path to vitality.
  • Do you ever feel like painting your world with thoughts tickling around? Do you ever feel that life is a maze or puzzle to be solved? We frequently quote certain aspects of life to solve those puzzles. Based on answers and their validations, we quote and unquote them, and the cycle continues until we find our solutions. And we resonate this cycle this way - "Let us tickle our grey cells. Let pen be our armor in the world’s drought Let us paint shades of white and black. While tickling the hues of thoughts, Let black write its destiny While white musing on her crafts." "Tickle Your Grey Cells" is an attempt to experiment and imbibe all those emotions, observations, questions, and puzzles in the form of quotes, haikus, and short verses. All these I attempted while exploring my zest for short and crisp writing. Pour in your love and support.
  • Life can be overwhelming, but with the perseverance of body, mind, and soul, anyone can achieve success. Do you really know what is your life's ultimate goal? Do you feel passionate about what you do? Do you think you are your best at doing what you do today? Are you happy and feel prosperous (not just financially)? Are you leveraging your true potential, strength, and capability? If these questions compel you to step back and think, and if you are seeking to discover your true self and pursue your real-life purpose, this book is the perfect recipe for creating a happy and fulfilling life!! In this journey through well-crafted exercises, you will explore your life's true purpose, (re)discover your passion, and script your “Book of Life Transformation” (BoLT) to become the REAL NEW YOU!!
  • It is not always necessary that the arrival of a storm would imply some ominous signs. The storm often brings with it change and transition. The Princess of Swarna-Sarsika is a fantasy tale that traces the mysterious birth of Aadya in the most affluent family of the city accompanied by an uncanny and eerie turmoil that was about to change the course of life for the inhabitants of the city. The mysterious pond that shimmers like gold in the northern yard of the Kashyap mansion beholds the secrets that recount the past events and their connection with Aadya’s birthmark and her destiny. Being born with alluring beauty and unique attributes she holds the power to heal, read minds and sense unforeseen circumstances ahead of time. Because of her vexed reputation amongst the people, some believed her to be a demi-goddess and others to be a cursed soul. Her affinity towards the mysterious pond and the Shiv-shakti temple in the city leads her on a perilous path to uncover the astounding secrets of her family history and her mission to restore the lost treasure of the city. On her way, she finds faith, loyalty, friendship, and love. As the truth of her reincarnation unfolds, she finds herself in an ordeal. Find out more about the mystical city “Swarna-Sarsika” and what happens when her visions become reality. Will she be able to accomplish her mission? What has destiny in store for her?


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