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  • In an era dominated by progress and innovation, we find ourselves drifting away from nurturing our minds and bodies. We've grown accustomed to chronic stress, discomfort, and dissatisfaction. But no more! It's time to break free from this cycle and reclaim our place as vibrant, intelligent, and content beings. No advanced degrees or specialized expertise is required. "Tune into your Happiness Frequency serves as your personal guidebook to develop the physical and mental foundation necessary to align with your unique state of joy. Within these pages, you'll gain profound self-awareness. Discover essential truths about physical and mental well-being, decoding the intricate connections within your body, endocrine system, nervous system, diet, and mindset. While it may seem overwhelming, you'll quickly realize that a few scientific insights will chart your course to lasting joy and well-being Drawing on over 17 years of expertise in the Wellness industry and a track record of transforming countless lives, Life Coach Tash Enriquez dives deep into the extraordinary connection between mind and body. The knowledge you seek is readily available at your very fingertips. However, mere knowledge isn't enough action is the key. By embracing change, you fall deeply in love with e, embracing your untapped potential.
  • Living?

    In her emotionally charged masterpiece, "Living," author Sree Gaur fearlessly invites readers into the innermost chambers of the human experience. With a deft blend of poetry and memoir, Gaur crafts an unvarnished narrative that navigates the labyrinthine terrains of PTSD, anxiety, and depression. Her words act as a balm, resonating with a rare authenticity that lends voice to the intricacies of these often unspoken battles. Gaur's writing is a testament to the power of vulnerability, each verse an intimate confession that unites hearts in shared understanding. Her unwavering honesty forms the foundation of this poignant collection, weaving a tapestry of verses that capture the spectrum of human emotion. As readers journey alongside her, they are not mere spectators; they are fellow travelers exploring their own emotional landscapes. From the depths of despair to the heights of resilience, "Living" is a chronicle of the human spirit's ceaseless journey toward healing. Through Gaur's keen insights, personal anecdotes, and heart-rending verses, the darkness of trauma and the grip of anxiety are laid bare, accompanied by the flickers of hope that light the path forward. The pages are imbued with the warmth of shared experiences, creating a profound connection between the author and the reader. Sree Gaur's exploration of mental health transcends the boundaries of personal narrative. "Living" acts as a bridge, inviting readers to peer into the universal struggles that society often shrouds in silence. As Gaur's words traverse the delicate lines between self and society, readers are offered a transformative perspective on the wider implications of mental health battles. The book's potency lies not only in its poetic eloquence but also in its ability to foster empathy and understanding. More than a collection of verses, "Living" is a beacon of strength and resilience. It embodies the extraordinary power of self-expression, reminding us that through our vulnerabilities, we find strength. It's a testament to the indomitable nature of the human spirit, proving that even in the darkest of moments, there exists a capacity for renewal, discovery, and hope. In "Living," Sree Gaur has crafted a literary masterpiece that transcends its genre. It is a mirror reflecting our shared humanity, a roadmap for personal growth, and an anthem for the resilience that resides within us all. As you turn the pages of this soul-stirring work, prepare to be profoundly moved and inspired to embark on your own transformative journey.
  • Nari-Sparsh

  • This Day That Year as a title came from a TV program of the 90s called “This Week That Year”, that I used to watch on TV. I could relate to it very well as I remembered the release dates of most of the movies of the late 60s and early 70s and when the host spoke about it, I went down my memory lane and loved the experience. Once I became part of Facebook in 2009, I found a great forum to share my experiences of movie releases in Bombay then and now Mumbai. I found a lot of like-minded people who could relate to my post and shared their experiences and thoughts as comments. Quite a few of them encouraged me to share it with a larger audience and hence suggested publishing it. I never thought of doing it but when people kept telling me regularly to do it, I decided to give it a try, and here comes my experiences and thoughts of the movies released in the late 60s and early 70s. Hope you like what you read, though many of the statements would look repetitive. But do accept the experiences of a teenager who turns into a man in 1973.
  • The story starts with twelve-year-old kids named Emily, Ida, and Zee. One day by accident they each get a wish in which one of them ’s wish comes true in a terrible way, to undo the wish, they had to go to the city of forever lost. Where they were trapped in their own thoughts, struggled to find their way out, solved mysteries, fought against gravity, and faced their greatest fears: “Once You Enter The Forest Of Darkness, You Can’t Turn Back Due To The Forest’s Starkness. If You Focus In What You Seek, The Forest Will Show You The Lead. But.. Only One Can Go Further, After You Face The Greatest Fear.” Who will be the one to go further ? Who will be lost in the forests forever ? What was the wish ? And how will they save the day ? Read more to find out…
  • Life has its ups and downs, which are provided in a nutshell, in this collection of poems. A glimpse into the day-to-day life is offered, not to mention the joys and impediments in raising a family. One takes in the excitements and pleasures of various worlds - the world of music, the magic of the beach and the chirping of the birds. On a serious note, managing household and career, studies and gadgets, relatives and family, all bring one to take decisions and to prioritize. A gamut of emotions would grip one as one ponders over the poems. Relevance to today’s times is a noteworthy factor even as lively illustrations enthrall the soul. Looking at festivals, the fun of Christmas and Diwali does not absolve one of his or her duty, be it the household head, the ever-present career woman or the innocent children. Children, who love the circus and the zoo, bonding with animals. Some even have pets to live with and to love. All in all, this is the life of the current era, and though it is busy, there are plenty of remarkable occasions, one realizes, as one delves into its various shades.
  • “PATIENCE IS THE KEY OF LOVE” is full of romantic as well as social topics.
  • Appy and Danny are college batch-mates. Appy and Danny can’t stand each other! He is the cocktail of carefree charm, wealth, and good looks. She a mock-tail of middle-class values, burning ambition, and a knack for following the rules. Thrown into the same team for an international college competition, they score an all-expense-paid trip to Switzerland. Suddenly, it's a mix of all-nighters, debates spicier than jalapeños, and chemistry hotter than a flaming Jaeger bomb. In this world of wild roommates, lit parties, and fierce competition, Appy and Danny's love-hate saga plays out like the ultimate mixology experiment. But misunderstandings might spill this cocktail, and they've got to decide to swipe left or right on their blossoming romance. Cocktail Mocktail is your backstage pass to a love story that flips campus norms. Get ready for a heady concoction of love, laughs, and self-discovery that feels like crashing the coolest party on campus. Cheers to a love story that'll leave you tipsy!
  • Randy ‘O Dandy

    This volume of historical Indian-Perso-Arabic-Ottoman Turkish Literature, in the form of raunchy, ribald and salacious ballads, verses, couplets & doggerels is conceived for a readership whose second language is English. It is intended for national and international circulation as a convenient instrument for the spread of bygone Indo-Perso-Arabic-Turkish poetic thought and process. This will explain the lack of a parallel native text and the restriction of selected poets/authors and their works. The purpose of this book is to raise awareness about the richness, profoundness and impact of Indo-Perso-Arabic - Turkish Literature on the belletristic intellectual literary development. The translations and transliterations intended to cross-over three distinct and radical language systems of the world - Sanskrit, Persian and Turkish - into ubiquitous American English, and it is the work of over three years.
  • This is Only when you are alone, will you perhaps find yourself? 'Behind the Scenes' is a story of a successful Bollystar Ariyaan Kapoor who gets stranded in a remote outdoor location in the hills of North India after his shooting wraps due to the sudden lock-down. This unprecedented solitude brings out the other side of him and his stardom and unlocks the doors to the past. The drama depicts the journey of an outsider into the world of Bollywood, navigating not only nepotism but also accusations of narcotics, sexual harassment, political pinch, underworld pressure and several other odds. Ariyaan's insight opens the door to the hidden secrets and behind the scenes of a superstar's life. The real story unfolds, as emotion flows.
  • You Unleashed

  • Until Wedding

    Until Wedding" resonates with every soon-to-be-married girl. Recognizing that each girl is unique and experiences her internal uncertainties before marriage, this book aims to provide a safe space for all girls to acknowledge and embrace their doubts without any sense of guilt. Girls inherently possess a moral compass, but often they begin to self-criticize and judge themselves for harboring doubts. The message is to embrace these doubts fully and not feel uncertain about having uncertainties. The book encourages girls to accept and navigate through their doubts without apprehension or self-doubt.
  • 1942

    This book provides context, analyzes, and narrates the events of 1942, which shook British Rule of India and eventually led to the collapse of the British Empire. 1942: Japanese armies reached the Northeast Borders of India after taking over Burma (Myanmar). Then, the Japanese bombed Madras, Vizag, and Calcutta. Ports on India’s East Coast were closed. Almost 100,000 soldiers of the British Indian Army and 400,000 civilians- disease-ridden and demoralized- came to India from Burma, making a tortuous journey with nearly 50-100,000 perishing while trekking through the mosquito-infested jungles. Earlier, The Japanese had attacked Pearl Harbor and Malaya almost simultaneously. The British-ruled areas of Malaya, Hongkong, and Singapore surrendered quickly. Under Chatfield doctrine, the defense of these areas was the responsibility of British India. Besides, there were a large number of Indians in trade and various professions. Fearing a Japanese invasion, the British started sending their families to the interior and began planning to evacuate from India. In Feb '42, Churchill informed King George VI that 'Burma, Ceylon, Calcutta, and Madras in India and part of Australia may fall into enemy (Japan) hands.' Then, Congress launched the Quit India movement. The formation of the Indian National Army planted the seeds for the collapse of the British Empire.


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