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    I see the words creating the plot and the characters: Madhukant Acharya

    So it’s interview time,

    Today we have an author who had been settled in Mumbai for nearly forty years with his wife Kalpana, his children pursuing careers in the US, and Mumbai being doctors, engineers, and MBAs. Not only that but also he is the author of three famous books. Friends and Five Seasons Vol 1 and 2 and Corporate Eagle.

    So go ahead and read our amazing chit-chat with him.

    1. Until now you have written Friends and Five Seasons Vol 1, Vol 2 and Corporate Eagles.  What inspired you to start writing?
    I always had many stories within me that needed to be narrated. Being a spontaneous writer I have keenly observed exceptional newsmen, legal luminaries, administrators, educationists, and prodigious corporates who inspired me to write my stories. I am fascinated with everyday life and the outcomes unfolding from moments to millennia and mold them into my novels.

    2. When did you start writing? And have you always wanted to be a writer?
    Having returned from a vacation I was relaxing in my study one evening when a thought crossed my mind and I said to myself why not write a novel which I always wanted to but never ventured before. It became a passion thereafter but was never stressful and thus my first novel  Friends and Five Seasons vol 1 was born and published.

    3. What, in your opinion, are the most important elements of good writing?
    A good plot, knowledge of the subject, realistic characters, and an appropriate ambiance suiting the storyline and tenacity to stay the course to complete the book and publish it.

    4. All your books be it, Friends, Vol 1 and 2, or Corporate Eagles both are good so according to you what comes first, the plot or characters?
    Basically the plot and the characters that go into it. However, they have relevance only if you have a good story to tell.

    5. You have 3 different books so how did you develop your plot and character?
    It is all in the mind from where it flows out through my fingers onto the keyboard and the screen and I see the words creating the plot and the characters. It is a natural process from conception to completion.

    Book Info

    Title: Corporate Eagle
    Author: Madhukant Acharya
    Publisher: Notion Press
    Price: Rs.182 (Paperback)
    Pages 179
    Ebook? Available
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