We Can, We Will, We Must – A story of love and inspiration to win life when it hits you hard…


Creativity is essential in every story. Such is the story of Samaira, who stuck in her clichés misses to see the uniqueness of love. It is only when Vivian, whose creativity cannot be pigeonholed enters her life and everything changes. He has absolutely no pity for losers and keeps a go-getter attitude. He makes his dreams come true.

Samaira on the other hand comes from a place where her dreams and her heart are shattered and unexplored. Her fate brings her to Vivian again and there it begins from the end, a story of love, encouragement and support.

Saranya Umakanthan, a best selling author has completely changed how we perceive love as. She makes us believe that all things cute and clichéd are not what one wants and the reality is that we all want someone who makes us become a better version of ourselves everyday. Someone who support us and make us strive to achieve our dreams even if they have been broken before.

The book incorporates highs and lows of life. When Samaira has it all together and Vivian breaks, will she be there to help him pick up his life? “A story one of a kind breaks the barriers of our own mind.”

We Can, We Will, We Must by Saranya Umakanthan