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    “My passion, love, and willingness toward quizzes helped me to write this book.” Author Debabrata Ghosh

    About the author: Debabrata Ghosh was born on 3rd September 1986 in Nagaon, Assam. His father Late Dwijendra Ch. Ghosh was a serviceman and his mother Late Maya Ghosh was a housewife. From his childhood, he was fond of quizzes, music, and sports. He is also a very good singer, reciter, and actor and won many prizes in these fields. Currently, he is working in SBI.

    Here is the glimpse of our conversation with the author Debabrata Ghosh. ?

    1. What inspired you to write this book?

    From my childhood, I was a quiz lover. So this love for quizzes and to know something new inspired me lot to write this book.

    2. What has helped or hindered you most when writing a book?

    My passion, love, and willingness toward quizzes helped me to write this book. My hectic office hours were the greatest hindrance to writing this book.

    3. What sort of research you did do before writing the book?

    After selecting a question for my book I checked its correctness two-three times from various sources so that I didn’t pass on any wrong information to my readers.

    4. How do you manage writing along with your profession?

    It’s a secret. Where There Is A Will There Is A Way.

    5. What is the next book that you have planned?

    Planning for Masterstroke Vol 2

    6. Our last question, what message would you like to send to your readers who are already reading your book?

    Masterstroke Vol 1 is a great treasure of knowledge. If you don’t read it you will definitely miss a lot of things to know. So buy this book and read it. It’s my confidence that you definitely love it. Thank you.

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