Voice Of The Soul – Collection of short poems

Shreyans Kanswa, a young poet has launched his poetry book titled Voice of the Soul. The book incorporates dialogues between the self and the soul.

The poet finds an interesting way to delve and speak with the soul. He talks about how silence is no more silent and has become a conversation that one never really has with the deeper self. Some may perceive his poetry as thoughts and some may perceive is as reality, but the poet makes an effort to pen the thoughts down. Another interesting fact about the book is that the author chooses simplicity and writes it exactly how it comes to his mind, this allows the readers to get a glimpse of the mind and the soul of the poet.

Shreyans chooses to write is poetry in no particular rhyme scheme which has a unique flow to itself and allows the reader to connect to their own soul. Many a times, we tend to go looking for answers outside whereas the poet urges us to look for those answers within. The way he urges is not imposed but implied and that is the beauty of the book.

The book teaches us to observe and interact with the soul so that we as humans feel whole in ourselves.

“We have a world inside of us, waiting to be explored. Go within and experience it. Talk within and listen to your soul.”