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    It’s all happiness and no mess in ‘Happimess’ by Biswajit Banerji

    ‘Happimess’ is an anthology of thirteen short stories bound by one common theme – humor. Humor has been that theme which is always sought after but rarely found in the landscape of Indian literature. Author Mr. Biswajit Banerji creates a much-needed oasis in the deserted land of humorous writing.

    Perhaps, one reason why the production of humorous writing always failed to reach the desired level is the lack of an eye which can spot humor in situations where it’s least expected. Mr. Biswajit Banerji seems to be one author who inherently possesses this eye. In ‘Happimess’, he has explored simple daily incidents built using relatable characters and kept producing funny jerks almost at his will.

    A reader loving any genre can’t simply afford to miss this book. So, in case you have not placed an order for this book, please do so at the earliest and get ready for a funny ride which will lead you to all happiness and no mess.

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