25 Synonyms for Deceptive and Fake

25 Synonyms for “Deceptive” and “Fake”

Many words related to deceptive and fake exist, but some have specific senses for distinctive usage. Here are some alternatives to these terms and the related words deceitful and false and their connotations.

Here are 25 Synonyms for “Deceptive” and “Fake”

1. Assumed: pretended, as in “an assumed name,” referring to a pseudonym used to conceal one’s identity (and, as a verb, to pretend); also, several unrelated meanings

2. Beguiling: deceptive, duplicitous, or diverting

3. Bogus: not genuine

4. Contrived: false or unnatural

5. Counterfeit: imitation or insincere

6. Delusory: deceptive

7. Dummy: imitation (and, as a noun, a mockup); also, several unrelated meanings

8. Ersatz: imitation or substitute (and generally inferior to the real thing)

9. Factitious: artificial or false

10. Fallacious: deceptive

11. Faux: imitation (usually in the sense of a design element or fashion item that deliberately mimics a more expensive material or fabric such as marble or fur)

12. Feigned: fictitious, or not genuine or real

13. Forged: imitation with intent to deceive; also, an unrelated meaning of being created by pressure and perhaps heat

14. Fraudulent: deceitful

15. Jive: deceitful (said of talk); also, superficial or foolish, or other unrelated meanings

16. Misleading: deceitful

17. Mock: imitation, in the senses of not being genuine or real

18. Phony: counterfeit, false, or fictitious; also, hypocritical

19. Pseudo: false (also a prefix in hyphenated and closed compounds such as pseudo-event and pseudopod)

20. Put-on: pretended

21. Sham: false, not genuine

22. Simulated: fake but intended or made to look genuine

23. Specious: deceptively attractive, or appearing genuine or truthful

24. Spurious: deceitful or imitation

25. Synthetic: not genuine; also, several unrelated meanings

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