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    and they called it A Love Story

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    (…and they called it A Love Story)


    About The Book 

    “And they called it a Love Story.” is an emotional roller coaster, full of heart aches, joys and sorrows of two groups of friends, ‘The Fantastic Five’ and ‘The Heaven’s Angels’. The two group of friends meet because of a prank played on Saurabh. Eventually two among them becomes best friends. But destiny has something else in store for them. A misunderstanding arises between the groups, which creates friction in the friendship of all especially of the two best friends.

    Does their friendship comes to an end or they are able to keep their friendship alive?

    Find the answer in ‘And they called it a Love Story’..


    The cover of the book is fascinating and perfectly matches the title. The Blurb is short and accurate and tells you about the clear picture of the story . It is a great work of Fiction. Each character has a significant role to play and you’ll enjoy reading each and every character.  Being a debutant, he has written it effortlessly and in an expressive manner. The thing I liked the most is how the author has creatively pictured the bond that great friends share. It is not an extraordinary story but an ordinary story told in an extraordinary way. All in all, it is a good read.




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