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    (Book Review)

    Book Title : Beyond
    Author : Honey Tripathi

    About The Book

    This is a story of a young lady in her early 30s, who one day out of inquisitiveness enrolled herself into one stress management course and experienced altogether different world. This book is based on her personal experience. The book starts with some funny incidents that took place during the five days journey and ends up on some thinking notes. Hope u enjoy reading…



    The book is about a lady enrolling in a stress management course and how she experiences a different world altogether.
    Starting with the book cover, I would like to say that it is not so appealing. The book is written in simple English  and is only a 15 min read. Honestly, it doesn’t have a story to look forward which makes it really dull and boring. Author has failed to express herself in a creative way. There is nothing in this book that keeps the reader going. Comic Illustrations is the only thing I liked about the book.
    My ratings for “Beyond” is 1.5/5

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