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    British Vs American English

    British English Vs. American English

    British Vs American English

    Here are some of the main differences in vocabulary between British and American English.

    British English American English
    anti-clockwise                                counter-clockwise
    articulated lorry                                     trailer truck
    autumn                                     autumn, fall
    barrister                                       attorney
    bill (restaurant)                                      bill, check
    biscuit                                        cookie
    block of flats                               apartment building
    bonnet (clothing)                                          hat
    bonnet (car)                                         hood
    boot                                        trunk
    caravan                                       trailer
    car park                                    parking lot
    chemist’s shop                             drugstore, pharmacy
    chest of drawers                    dresser, chest of drawers, bureau
    chips                               fries, French fries
    the cinema                                    the movies
    clothes peg                                   clothespin
    coffin                                 coffin, casket
    crisps                                 potato chips
    crossroads                    intersection; crossroads (rural)
    cupboard            cupboard (in kitchen); closet (for clothes etc)
    diversion                                       detour
    drawing-pin                                     thumbtack
    drink-driving                                   drunk driving
    driving licence                                  driver’s license
    dual carriageway                                 divided highway
    dummy (for baby)                                        pacifier
    dustbin                            garbage can, trash can
    dustman                                garbage collector
    engine                                  engine, motor
    estate agent                               real estate agent
    estate car                                 station wagon
    film                                   film, movie
    flat                            apartment, flat, studio
    flat tyre                                      flat tire
    flyover                                     overpass
    gearbox (car)
    gear-lever                                   gearshift
    Girl Guide                                  Girl Scout
    ground floor                              ground/first floor
    handbag                      handbag, purse, shoulder bag
    high street                                  main street
    holiday                                     vacation
    hood (car)                                convertible top
    jam                                    jam, preserves
    jug                                    jug, pitcher
    juggernaut                                    18-wheeler
    lift                                       elevator
    lorry                                truck, semi, tractor
    mad                                    crazy, insane
    main road                                      highway
    maize                                         corn
    maths                                          math
    motorbike                                       motorcycle
    motorway                               freeway, expressway
    motorway highway, freeway, expressway, interstate highway, interstate
    nappy                                         diaper
    naughts and crosses                                     tic-tack-toe
    pants, underpants                              underpants, drawers
    pavement                                       sidewalk
    pet hate                                       pet peeve
    petrol                                     gas, gasoline
    The Plough                                     Big Dipper
    pocket money                                     allowance
    post                                          mail
    postbox                                       mailbox
    postcode                                        zip code
    postman                     mailman, mail carrier, letter carrier
    pub                                           bar
    public toilet                           rest room, public bathroom
    railway                                        railroad
    return (ticket)                                       round-trip
    reverse charge                                     collect call
    ring road                         beltway, freeway/highway loop
    road surface                                 pavement, blacktop
    roundabout                             traffic circle, roundabout
    rubber                                          eraser
    rubbish                                     garbage, trash
    rubbish-bin                             garbage can, trashcan
    saloon (car)                                         sedan
    shop                                      shop, store
    silencer (car)                                        muffler
    single (ticket)                                         one-way
    solicitor                                  lawyer, attorney
    spanner                                        wrench
    sweets                                        Candy
    taxi                                    taxi, taxi cab
    tea towel                                      dish towel
    telly (informal), TV                                     television, TV
    third-party insurance                                  liability insurance
    timetable                                         schedule
    tin                                           can
    toll motorway                                toll road, turnpike
    torch                                         flashlight
    trousers                                    pants, trousers
    tube (train)                                         subway
    underground (train)                                         subway
    vest                                      undershirt
    waistcoat                                          vest
    wallet                                   wallet, billfold
    wellington boots                             rubber boots, rain boots
    whisky                                    whisky/whiskey
    windscreen                                        windshield
    zip                                             zipper
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