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    Common Opposites

    Common Opposites

    Common Opposites

    We go when the traffic light is green.
    We stop when the traffic light is red light.

    I sleep at night.
    I wake up in the morning.

    He lived until he was eighty years old.
    He died in the war.

    People push their shopping cart around the supermarket.
    The tow truck pulled the car behind it.

    A boat floats on water.
    Lead sinks when it is dropped into the water.

    The room is cooled by the air conditioner.
    Food can be heated in the microwave.

    We throw the ball to the dog.
    The dog likes to catch the ball in its mouth.

    I want to pass my examination.
    I failed the test because all of my answers were wrong.

    I teach English to the students in my class.
    My students learn a lot.

    While you are waiting, you can sit on that chair.
    The guard was standing next to the door.

    The snow falls on the ground.
    The sun rises in the East.

    It was so cold I decided to put on a sweater.
    You should take off your shoes before you go to bed.

    He is very funny and I laugh at his jokes.
    When I watch a sad movie I have to take tissues in case I cry.

    We should smile when we meet someone new.
    Sometimes we frown when we can’t figure out a problem.

    I do exercise at the gym to strengthen my muscles.
    The earthquake had weakened the bridge and cars could not cross it.

    If I don’t like what someone is saying I can ignore it.
    I always make sure to pay attention when I am in English class.

    I broke the glass by dropping it onto the ground.
    When my car broke down I took it to the shop to have it repaired.

    When I drive on the highway I speed up to get home faster.
    When you drive in the snow, you should slow down.

    I buy milk at the local shop.
    The supermarket sells a broad range of products

    I love pussycats because they are small and cute and a little bit furry.
    I hate it when people push in front of me to get service.

    Some countries import goods because they are cheaper to buy overseas.
    Chile is a country which exports copper to many parts of the world.

    My boss gives me too much work and it stresses me.
    If you look at the screen too long, you will need to relax your eyes.

    The adventures wanted to find the treasure.
    I lost my keys. Do you know where they are?

    When we plant a tree we know it will be many years before it bears fruit.
    We harvest the crops from the fields.

    When I was bankrupt, the bank would not lend me any more money.
    I decided to borrow some money from my parents.

    They increased their prices and earned a lot more money.
    To save money you should reduce your spending.

    It is not important to understand every single idea.
    Foreign people often misunderstand local customs.

    Young people grow very fast.
    Clothes washed in hot water might shrink.

    When you really need it, help will appear.
    The police looked for the killers, but they disappeared.

    I gave my puppy a bone.
    I like to receive e-mails from my friends.

    I like to eat chocolate ice-cream.
    He dislikes traveling on uncomfortable buses.

    When you leave your house, you should lock the door.
    You need a key to unlock the door.

    Please do not enter through the back door.
    We exit the plane near the cockpit.

    Find out when the plane arrives so you can meet your friends at the airport.
    You should leave the country before your visa runs out.

    The lightning ignited a huge fire in the forest.
    The firefighters used water to extinguish the flames.

    We are wondering who will win the world cup this year.
    My favourite team lost their game.

    I have decided to spend my money on some new shoes.
    I save money by walking to work instead of paying for the bus.

    You should pick up money if you see it on the ground.
    I usually put down my pen when I have finished writing.

    You should have a plan so your business can succeed.
    I would be upset if I failed my exam.

    We need to inhale to fill our lungs with oxygen.
    Humans exhale carbon dioxide.

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