Exclusive Interview With Bijoy Munshi, Author of ‘The Stranger’s Bedroom’

Bijoy Munshi is a coder during the day and a passionate writer after the sunset. Years of observing people has inspired him to write this narrative of confined sentiments. His writing is galvanized by the starry sky and travelling. Bijoy lives in New Delhi. He is a Kashmiri who yearns for home that never was. For updates and more write up’s you can follow him on: Instagram: @bijoymunshi Blog: bijoymunshi.blogspot.com.

Interview Session

Tell us a little about yourself and your background
“I am a kashmiri who has never been to Kashmir. I was brought up in the city of temples, Jammu and graduated from the maximum city,Mumbai. Probably the combined experience of life spent in these two cities along with the National Capital is reflected in my words. Also, I work in the IT industry and am a voracious reader.”

The title of your book “The Stranger’s Bedroom” is really intriguing. What is your view on the same and what is it all about?
“It is intriguing at the same time related to the content. The story starts in a stranger’s bedroom.”

What made you to turn a writer?
“Being an introvert , I always felt I could express better through my words and poetry.”

How much research and efforts were required on your part to complete this book?
“Being a keen observer of the people and surroundings helped me in the research.”

What according to you is unique about your book?
“I feel this is one of the few books around, that cover the topic of confined sentiments and friend zoning.”

How do you view the future of young authors in India?
“It’s a bright world out there. Keep on writing , should be the mantra.”

Would you like to share some writing tips with our audience?
“There is a writer in each one of us. It’s upon us to identify that one spark of passion.”