Exclusive Interview With Raviraj Mishra, Author of “The Feeling Of Being Loved”

About The Author: Raviraj Mishra, born in Pune, India is a writer and an entrepreneur. He is the author of the book – The Feeling of Being Loved. He started writing when he was 12 years of age and soon he developed a habit of reading stories and creating one for himself. 

He started blogging from 2014. His blog mostly consisted of short stories or dramatic scenes. He wrote more than 50 short stories and poems before he started working on his first book – The Feeling of Being Loved. 

Being a newbie in the publishing world he decided to publish a short book of his 11 selected stories for an experience. The book was called ’11 Stories – Stories of Love, Life and Everything’. It was published in June 2019 and after 5 months, he published his first full novel “The Feeling of Being Loved”

Chit Chat Session

Kindly acquaint our readers with “The Feeling Of Being Loved
‘The Feeling of Being Loved’ is a story of a girl – Shruti and her experience of finding love. The story depicts a few crucial issues faced by a girl in society like looks, decision making ability and wanting to be loved. No matter what the girl has achieved in her career and life, still the society finds it convenient to question her abilities, judge her and assume what she would want.  In these frustrating dramas, a best friend like Meera is a gift for Shruti. ‘The Feeling of Being Loved’ is not a love story, it is story of realizing what love is.

How did “The Feeling Of Being Loved” happen? Could you describe the journey?
Creating a story was always a plan. But this story ‘The Feeling of Being Loved’ came to me in bits and pieces. The character was inspired by several people I had met and had a chance to become friends with. It took me around seven months to complete this book. Writing, deleting and rethinking about a scene several times. But I would say, this is just a start of a very long journey.

You are an Entrepreneur by profession. How do you manage writing along with your profession?
Managing two important things together might sound exhausting, but once we start doing it anyway, wee can really enjoy it.  I keep it very simple, I just enjoy whatever I am doing. There are some days I don’t write at all, because I am working. While the other days I write continuously for 4 to 6 hours. I just try to enjoy It and everything falls in place.

How much research and efforts were required on your part to complete this book.
Frankly, there was not a lot of research involved in the creation of this story. As it was mostly the by product of my imagination. And if we talk about efforts, so yes It took me 7 months to complete this book. The story would be opposed and doubted in my head several times. So I had to delete the whole chapter and re write it again. Other than that, everything was pretty exciting.

Which writers inspire you most?
Every writer I have read had some amazing things to offer. But I am mostly attracted to works of Nicholas Sparks, John Green, Robert James Waller and Paulo Coelho

How would you like to inspire the creative people wishing to make their career in the field of literature?
Learning and implementing are the two keywords of success in any field. To become a writer one must read a lot and write a lot. Be your own critic and keep making mistakes.

What Next? (in terms of future projects)
I am working on a new fictional story. It would be out soon.