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    Idioms List

    Idioms List

    51. In full swing
    Meaning : At fast pace.
    Example : Preparations for the common wealth games are in full swing in National capital.

    52. A black sheep
    Meaning : Good for nothing.
    Example : He is a black sheep thus cannot be depended upon.

    53. A child’s play
    Meaning : Something very easy.
    Example : To succeed in any competitive exams is not a child’s play.

    54. A flying visit
    Meaning : A hectic visit.
    Example : The Inspector paid a flying visit to our school.

    55. A hair breadth escape
    Meaning : Very close escape.
    Example : She had a hair breadth escape in the bus accident.

    56. Laughing stock
    Meaning : Reason for giggling.
    Example : She is the laughing stock of our class.

    57. The lion’s share
    Meaning : A big part.
    Example : The lion’s share of the profit goes to the director.

    58. Maiden Speech
    Meaning : a person’s first speech.
    Example Reena cut a very good figure in her maiden speech.

    59. An open secret
    Meaning : Known to everybody.
    Example : It is an open secret that most of the police personnel are corrupt.

    60. A past master
    Meaning : An expert.
    Example   He is a past master in breaking safes and vaults.

    61. A red letter day
    Meaning : An auspicious day.
    Example : August 15,1947 is a red letter day in the history of our country.

    62. A short cut
    Meaning : Easy and small.
    Example : They adopt foul means as a short cut to prosper in life.

    63. A turncoat
    Meaning : A person who changes sides.
    Example : He is a turncoat, do not depend on him.

    64. The three R’s
    Meaning : To write, read, count.
    Example : Every citizen must know the three R’s.

    65. A white elephant
    Meaning : Costly affair.
    Example : A new car is a white elephant for me.

    66. All and sundry
    Meaning : every one without exception.
    Example : All and sundry came to attend his marriage party.

    67. All in all
    Meaning : The most important and powerful person.
    Example : My father is all in all in our family.

    68. Bag and baggage
    Meaning : Completely, Leaving behind nothing.
    Example : On his retirement Mr. Lal had to quit the government bungalow bag and baggage.

    69. Bread and butter
    Meaning : Livelihood.
    Example : Most Indians find it difficult even to earn their bread and butter.

    70. First and foremost
    Meaning : Main priority.
    Example : Health is our first and foremost necessity to lead a happy life.

    71. Kith and kin
    Meaning : Relatives.
    Example : Prime Minister helped his kith and kin to get prime portfolio’s in his ministry.

    72. Part and parcel
    Meaning : Necessary part.
    Example : Discipline is a part and parcel of defence services.

    73. Spick and span
    Meaning : Neat and clean.
    Example : Everything in her room was spick and span.

    74. Sum and substance
    Meaning : In short.
    Example : Can you tell the audience the sum and substance of the speech?

    75. To and fro
    Meaning : Here and there.
    Example : He was shaking his neck to and fro.

    76. Through and through
    Meaning : Completely.
    Example : We were drenched through and through in the torrential rain.

    77. Ups and downs
    Meaning : Rise and fall, alternations of good and bad fortunes.
    Example : She has seen many ups and downs in her life.

    78. Apple of discord
    Meaning : Root cause of fight.
    Example : This wealth of father becomes apple of discord between two brothers.

    79. A bed of roses
    Meaning : Easy.
    Example : The life of a soldier is not a bed of roses.

    80. A bed of thorns
    Meaning : Full of suffering and sorrows.
    Example : For Rajini, the new office proved to be a bed of thorns.

    81. A man of letters
    Meaning : A lover of literature.
    Example : Tagore was a man of letters.

    82. By hook and by crook
    Meaning : By all means, Fair or foul.
    Example He decided to win the election by hook or crook.

    83. By leaps and bounds
    Meaning : Very rapidly.
    Example : My brother’s business is picking up by leaps and bounds.

    84. In black and white
    Meaning : In written.
    Example : The minister asked the agitating workers to present their demands in black and white.

    85. Through thick and thin
    Meaning : In every condition.
    Example We will stand by you through thick and thin.

    86. With open arms
    Meaning : With affection.
    Example : My friend received me with open arms.

    87. At a stretch
    Meaning : Continuously.
    Example : She can work for ten hours at a stretch.

    88. At the eleventh hour
    Meaning : At the last stage, At the last moment.
    Example : The doctor turned up at  the eleventh hour and saved the life of his son.

    89. For good
    Meaning : For ever.
    Example : Charan left India for good to settle in England.

    90. In the long run
    Meaning : At the end.
    Example : Truth always prevails in the long run.

    91. For want of
    Meaning : Due to the less of.
    Example : Crops failed for want of rain

    92. In spite of
    Meaning : Besides.
    Example : They failed in spite of hard work.

    93. Off hand
    Meaning : With no preparation.
    Example : She set for the examination off hand and failed.

    94. To be an old hand
    Meaning : To be experienced at something.
    Example : She’s an old hand at magazines.

    95. Eager beaver
    Meaning : A person who is always eager to work or do something extra.
    Example : She is a real eager beaver and I am sure she will do very well in this company.

    96. Zip your lip!
    Meaning : Keep something secret.
    Example : What i told you is really important, so zip your lip!

    97. Yeoman service
    Meaning : Excellent work.
    Example : When plague first broke out in Mumbai, Dr. Mishra did yeoman service.

    98. P’s and Q’s
    Meaning : Gentility.
    Example : Mind your P’s and Q’s.

    99. Keep a lid on
    Meaning : To keep something secret.
    Example Economic difficulties continued and the government intervened to keep a lid on inflation.

    100. Ease off
    Meaning : Decrease tention.
    Example : The president was asked to ease off on his efforts to cut staff in the company.

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