Interview with Anuraag Srivastava

Interview with Anuraag Srivastava

Interview with Anuraag Srivastava
Author of “Twenty Twenty”

Anuraag Srivastava, having done his schooling and college from Lucknow, has been a banker for over eighteen years now. Presently based at Ghaziabad, he has written more than a hundred poems in Hindi and English. A learning guitarist, an amateur photographer and an avid reader, he is a multi-faceted person. He also runs a blog for sharing his views on spirituality and general philosophy.

Chit Chat Session

Tell us a little about yourself and your background?
I am a banker by profession and have been interested in writing and reading since childhood. I have been into reading a lot of books since the age of 8 and had written my first poem at the age of 11. I have done my schooling and college from Lucknow and presently residing at Delhi-NCR.

When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?
As I told, I have been writing poems since my childhood and have till now written over 100 poems. The idea of writing stories came to my mind to give my imagination a new look and bring out my story telling capability to the world. Several plots kept circling my mind and then one day I chose one of the plots which was more relevant to the today’s young generation and started weaving a story around it.

What have you written? Give us an insight into your book
It is a book of the stories of the aspirations of the young generation, a story about clash of ambitions, a story about managing crisis of life, a story about a new perspective of women sexuality. The book is a fiction novel of thriller genre, where the plot involves around two siblings involved in a crisis situation and how they not only manage it but also evolve in it.

What inspired you to write the book “Twenty twenty : A race against time”
I have been into the financial sector for a long time now and have witnessed many ups and downs of the financial world and how people get affected. The idea of the novel came from watching the fall of the stock markets during global meltdown of 2008 and then how people got trapped in their investments.

What challenges did you face while penning down this book?
The major challenge was to keep developing the plot since that required some peaceful me time which was difficult for me being in a high stress long working hours job. Finding time to keep going page by page even after tiresome day’s job was highly challenging.

What are your ambitions for your writing career?
I would like to write more and more stories of fiction which can keep my readers hooked. I would like to write not only thriller fiction but also other genres like romance, self improvement, spiritual, etc. I would also to get my poems published for the wider audience.

What does your family think of your writing?
My family has been highly supportive in giving me time to think on the development of the plot. They feel I being of an introvert nature should write more to give vent to my imaginative side.

Every writer has a motive behind writing a book. So what was your motive behind writing this book?
My motive is to give my readers a story which keeps them hooked till the end. It is also an effort to bring out my story telling capability to the world.

How did you manage to devote time to writing along with other works?
I actually believe that life gives you enough time for all your jobs it is up to us to use them as per our liking and priorities. I tried to write some pages on a regular basis, may be weekly or fortnightly. I kept developing the plot during my other non productive hours like driving or watching television.

Which writers inspire you? Why?
I have been reading more of spy fiction usually by writers like Fredrick Forsyth, Vince Flynn and likes. The uncertainty and the purpose of the protagonists in these novels inspire me.

Twenty Twenty is available at?
Twenty Twenty is available on Amazon, flipkart, snapdeal and all other online and offline bookstores.

What is the hardest thing about writing?
The hardest thing about writing is to contain the whole idea of a grand plot limited to words that is easily understandable by your readers. A writer has to keep the writing limited to using words that is understandable by his readers. This is what lead to the birth of Urdu to make common people understand the language.

What advice would you give to aspiring writers?
My advice would be to keep the plot developing page by page without keeping a tab on how many pages written in a period. As you keep your plot developing, the writer’s block will also not haunt the writer.

We would be highly appreciated if you say some words for our venture, “Writing Geeks”
I am highly appreciative of your venture “Writing Geeks” in the way it gives the writers a place to advertise their work. A writer is usually an introvert person not quite comfortable in marketing activities and this is where you come to his rescue, I am looking forward to more engaging interaction with your venture.

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